I would love a TM4 with these girls. The scene when she was talking about how she was afraid about not being able to see them grow up broke my heart. I have PTSD as well and feel like it is healthy to talk about it and other mental health issues in order to raise awareness and understanding. She needs to dump him for real. I don’t understand why you got a downvote brigade for explaining your thoughts on a word that people want to avoid using almost entirely in case other people find it offensive. Live discussion is great.

Millina is thrilled about her new addition, especially after suffering a painful miscarriage last year. It might’ve aired and your TV guide lied. Reign still sucks, though. Now Drake is huge and I’m a 26 year old who still watches Degrassi. That’s not surprising since she was so angry about her situation and was disgusted that her son looked just like his father. He went to California to work, but during the last 2 weeks they’ve been talking a lot more. She kept going in and out of juvie, and I think either her parents or Matt got custody of Naveah.

I hope Stone can help her out. Summer needs subtitles more Permalink Submitted by Catelynns Carly LOL, I love how it’s always meth!

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When my parents split up and my dad turned out to be a gigantic asshole crazy person, I would refer to him as millna dad” but never “dad” or anything like that because, even though it was petty, it helped me distance myself from the person he had become which wasn’t the “dad” I thought had raised me. Really anyone but Millina- her voice literally makes me cringe.

I didn’t know Emily had another kid, we need another catch up special from her season lol. The only person, adult or child, I’ve ever met with Down syndrome who wasn’t the sweetest, happiest person on the planet was my neighbor’s son and that wasn’t his fault at all.


Summer says her mom has shown her what NOT to do as a mother. This was a really good looking crop of girls actually. Do whatever but I still think it’s stupidand I didn’t see it by watching her segment but a lot goes over my head haha! But, she was a brat for sure and disrespectful. Missed the first 23 minutes: Savannah talks about how if she could go back in time, she would have been on birth control.

She seemed to really adore that little girl. Was Jordan in her trashy underwear? Surely no one would want to listen to him rap, right? Being a step mom and dealing with diabetes while trying to go to school and stuff could be enough of a story line for her.

16 & Pregnant Season 5: Where Are They Now? Recap | Teen Mom Junkies

I bet he’s gotten plenty of Permalink Submitted by legsesSpreadFor I am super excited to see Permalink Submitted by Catelynns Carly Yup, they ended up both Permalink Submitted by Catelynns Carly It’s getting better now, more like seasons pregnwnt I wonder if he was busy at the moment or if he actively left home so he wouldn’t get into a confrontation with Jordan.

Girl is totally on drugs.

If I had it my way, I’d choose her or just about anyone else except for Maddy over Manila. It shocks me that mtv Permalink Submitted by childsupportfor Seriously though, bitch, Derek tweeted pics of your texts.

Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Millina Kacmar Welcomes Second Child – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

Instead of sitting in the backseat with her daughter, Val sat up front in the passenger seat. Check back daily for the latest news, reviews, recaps, and opinions. I hope she grows some self esteem and gets the hell away from him.


Millina’s mom is pregnant with a little girl. And yes kinda had enough of millina. She was the one with killina baby daddy crazy mother.

It is quite hypocritical show. I hope for Aubry’s sake that Maddy is doing a good job though! I thought it was on tonight.

But Tyler’s grandma is the one raising “the baby”. I really liked her in her episode. Does she forget about her ever so active twitter account? I really loved her on her episode. Derek says that there are extreme cases of PPD where people hurt their aand, and he doesn’t want that for his child.

Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Millina Kacmar Welcomes Second Child

Pretty sure he lives with his dad. Summer talks with D.

Can’t they miillina “hey chick, buckle your kid in! I’m worried I’m going to offend you and look bad for saying that you’re from Mexico so I’m going to find a “fancy” way to say that you’re from Mexico because, let’s face it, it all boils down to me being an awkward bitch who’s too cowardly to admit that I think being from Mexico is something you should be ashamed of.

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