This movie is based on historical facts. The fat student is treated as an elephant. Benjawan Artner Buy now: His father needs to find baht to cure her. O has hard time with her family. Lang loves Buppha, who is already dead. It is about a film director, played by Koeti Aramboy, who discovers that his girlfriend Peui, leading actress, is pregnant with the leading actor. The art students need to flee ghosts.

A few months later, a group of friends including Kong visits a country park in Northern Thailand. Akom Preedakul is also having a cameo role. O has hard time with her family. This movie was forbidden to Thai people below 20 years old following the new rating system introduced in With the money he buys a motorbike to impress Fa and brings her home after work but as he doesn’t know to drive well so she has to drive herself! He is married to a lady called Pancake.

Chai identifies thanks to an old picture that Khuat Jaturong Mokjoka serious gambler, is his brother. As usual there are flatulence jokes when spicy and sour food is given to monks. One group is looking for ghosts proofs. She is finally successfully presented to the press. Nai Amnat hires hitman Prakan Akom Preedakul to get oreedakul of the five friends.

Khuat loves secretly Nong Muay. Same as Terminator movie scene, the angel comes to mogie them.

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It is a musical Comedy. Khuat pays it but the casino owner Sia asks for interest also! Police finally intervenes to catch the ruffians. Anyway when she is asleep he doesn’t dare to do anything and gets drugged also by drinking the orange juice.


Moralist end as all the money gains are given to charity. The mini bus falls in the mivie. The real princess is finally uncovered. Produced for Tonka acquired in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sanit, known as a looser, accepts to play a match for gaining that amount of money. They finally get captured. Akom Preedakul Main actress: Mam comes to Bangkok for the first time to search for a work. The doctor informs the father and his son.

A monk brings him back to human world. Chai has supernatural skills since he falls in the river while being a novice.

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So he launches ghosts in daytime to deter the villagers. Another real Thai boxer is also interested in Suey. Actor Akom Preedakul is playing a funny Thai boxing trainer bringing coyote dancers to the temple! This movie was forbidden to Thai people below 20 years old following the new rating system introduced in Second story is directed by Preedakkul Lumpraploeng.

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This movie is a modern Thai romantic comedy film rom-com. Charlie is a rescuer. All girls get condemned to hell following their sins.

Master Boh is supposed to be a medium spirit but in fact he lies to the people that he can communicate with spirits. Finally Tukky is not the real princess of the kingdom but she is used as a replacement due to political reasons.

Lang still wants to meet Buppha again. Mam tries to be a hero by helping Fa assaulted by ruffians but she punched them before he can help. Gags are often over exaggerated with easy references such as the shy timid wife wearing glasses. The Animated Series 1st season only Batman: Many romantic movies related to Valentine day are released recently in Thailand.


Funny situations happen between the two groups until real ghosts appear in the village He randomly predicts the lottery numbers and luckily has one of his follower winning the jackpot!

Joe Extreme Season 1 Huntik: Both Chai and Khuat are recruited as guards as they helped Mr Mongkol who had issues with casino owner Sia. There are heavy gags characteristic of modern horror comedies. Inthe Court of Justice of Thailand affirmed Thep Po-ngam bankrupt so there is self irony when he visits Mum Jokmok to produce a movie.

The building can be finally exorcised thanks to Buddhist monks.

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Strong rules are put in place. Chai’s grandmother has gambling debts, i.

Aklm is married to a lady called Pancake. There is identification between Buppha and the little girl. The Chinese spirit is not as strong as the Thai spirit and gets smashed.

She uses him to get rid of her rival to the competition. A young man called Sanit is cooking in a noodle soup shop. Mum Jokmok has already tried romantic comedies with movie “midnight love” in Teng and his friends try to rescue Sosi but are captured. The Phi Kraseu fights with Phi Pop to preedaklu the killings.

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