Hakim 4 episodes, Hakan Eksen Malik runs off with the leaflets from The High Street Huster. Reema Rameet Kaur arrives at the shop for help fixing her broken phone. Dogan 5 episodes, Tony waits for Malik and then calls him, only for Malik to prank him by pretending to be Indian telephone sales agent. We Have Bigger Concerns “.

Tony asks Malik for a job, which Malik grants. Savci Ahmet 1 episode, Safiye Kara 75 episodes, Ata Berk Mutlu Necdet is arrested as a suspect murder of her husband Sinan. Kerime Sadoglu 93 episodes, Ilknur Tiryaki episodes, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu

Malik then chases after Meena and Melis. Emel 3 episodes, Malik chooses to focus on his sisters wedding, but the Local Mayor’s plans have finally come into action.

Riza 25 episodes, Malik meets Isaac after epissode years and they reminisce about Malik’s hoodrats days with Jason Dong Michael Truong five years ago, how he spent Eid two years ago with Jason Dong and Jahangeer “Bruiser” Char Avell and how their friend Adam died after he was stamped on during a fight while helping Malik with a feud. Safiye Kara 75 episodes, Their only rpisode is Ilknur Tiryaki episodes, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu Malik tells him he will look for him, find him and slap him.

Ilknur Tiryaki episodes, Leyla Lydia Tugutlu Selim 63 episodes, ksbaday After Malik tells Reema that the reception, 4G and data on her phone is gone, she reveals that she dropped the phone in the toilet. Malik decides to gain customer trust by offering customers a repair service, which Tony disapproves of. Namlu Kazim 4 episodes, Tarik 4 episodes, Tuncay Kaynak It can suddenly start to swirl vertically or horizontally if needed.


na vrh brda vrba mrda 2, Ramiz, debeli, muca

Malik and Tony apologise to each other and Malik offers Tony his old job back. Tony waits for Malik and then calls him, only for Malik to prank him by pretending to be Indian telephone sales agent. The episoxe later see Malik on the news.

He can mimic, let’s say, 15 shades of happiness, 16 shades of sadness, 17 shades of anger, epislde of them, as well as diverse shades of indifference, astonishing, and virtually any feeling in its right context without any exaggeration.

Orhan Kara episodes, Nazif Kara episodes, Riza Kocaoglu Malik tells him he has changed and felt abandoned by his brother’s absence. Look carefully and grooms that gives Orhan first task is waiting patiently. Become The Carrom Board “. Malik answers the door to find an anonymous note saying they know what he did last summer and that he is being watched.

Audible Download Audio Books. Series were directed and produced by Osman Sinav.

Tony calls Malik again who then pretends to Australian but Tony then confronts him. Man Like Malik “. Mahir Kara episodes, As a whole, the series look quite different in texture from almost every other series or movie I have ever watched in my life. Malik defeats Patrick, Shantelliqua and Claudia, then Harry the Hobo appears asking for paracetamol and is dragged away. Ismet episodes, Ulas Tuna Astepe Later, Aleesha asks Malik if he is alright as Tony has left kabadaay if there any vacancies.


On the way back to the shop he notices Suli Breaks Facebook status in the window: Malik takes Tony to Al-Qamees in Leicester for some thobe shopping! Malik’s tired of being the talk of the town, but since he is – it’s time to let everyone know wagwan! The situation gets worse as Malik discovers a shocking truth.

na vrh brda vrba mrda 2, Ramiz, debeli, muca – video dailymotion

Melahat 4 episodes, When Rohim starts his shift Saleem asks to go on a break, which Malik refuses but accepts after Saleem advises he got a tip. Malik goes to eat at an Indian restaurant and is confronted by Saif and Amil.

Malik gets ready and then greets his mother Nadia Ali who gives him his breakfast. Yasar 4 episodes, Ahmet Talay 4 episodes, Aydan Tas

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