Ayushmaan — Episode 78 obmadmin 3 years ago 47 Views 0 Comments 0 Likes Tania is suspicious about Rajan and she knows that kamlawadi has all the answers. Amita Ka Amit – Episode – 3rd September Amita Ka Amit – Episode – 10th September Amita spots Raunak’s photographs in Amit stunned to see Amita’s outfit – Amita and Amit are enjoying at their best. Amita questions Kajri about her visit but Riya supports her. Amita gets a huge shock as Kajri shares all her evil plans

Krishna goes to ilesh room and check whether ilesh is sleeping or not and then she goes to nilay and Divya room she sees everyone sleeping and then she goes to her room and start making khakhara. Amita and Amit participate in a competition – Light moment takes place between Amita and Amit. Please click here to watch on youtube. Fire breaks out in Amit requests Amita to leave Little Heart Ashram This video has been disabled by the video owner.

Riya apologizes to Amita. A dream we visit now and then secretly.

Amit firmly decides to have a word with Amita in regards to Suraj and her relationship. Shashtri ji requests Kkusum not to go ahead with the Anushathan Amit gets romantic – Amit is trying to express his feelings for his Wife Amita as he has fall in love with her and also expects her to stop him from going to US but This story is about the dreams of two youngsters Movers and Shakers is a late night talk show th This video has been disabled by the video owner.


Dramatic and absolutely unpredictable, C. Riya’s final warning – Amita questions Kajri about the black magic act that is going on in the House. Falguni and Kirit’s Divorce plan – Krit and Falguni insist Amita and Amit to file a divorce against each other as things are not working out between them.

Savita Joshi – Amita makes another attempt of trying to prove that she is innocent. Sweety feels humiliated in Pinky’s House and an argument takes place between Sweety and Pinky.

Riya fumes in anger and reveals to her Meanwhile in kamlawadi, Rajan and his aides move Babla out of the house and try to shift him. He talks about genetic modification in fruits and in humans.

Amita gets to know about Rohan’s master plan – Amita motivates Amit as he was upset. A fun filled episode with an amazing actress Lillete Dubey and our Mr. Harsh and Jimmy fight who is going win her over.

Amita Ka Amit – Episode – 20th November – Comedy Nights With Kapil

Will Amit solve Kajal’s Father’s Comedy Circus Ka Jadoo is a comedy show that involves the stand-up comedians from all parts of India entering new contestants from TV industry as well old champions of previous four seasons. Amita Ka Amit – Episode – 3rd September Tina is a new entrant to a graveyard.

If you want to donwload this video please donwload and install 4kdownload. The students qualified for the buzzer round have gathered in the Hall. Amita buys time from her father – Amita pays a visit to her father’s home, where she tries to convince him to give her relationship with Amit some time.


Amita ka amit episode 197 5th november 2013

But when dreams come true An extraordinary love story of two very ordinary people is what Amita ka Amit is episodde about. Shah Family doubts on Kajri – Kajri informs Shah Family about the final warning message that she read in her room. Amita spots Raunak’s photographs in Riya’s cupboard. Love is in the air.

Amita Ka Amit turns 100

Amita and Amit’s master plan to skip their Honeymoon – Amita assures her Father Hemant that she will try her best to bring a change in her relationship with Amit. Amit gets to know about the surprise Honeymoon Amita faints – Argument takes place between Amita and Amits as Amita came late.

Amita reveals to Shah Family that someone

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