Meanwhile, Shakthi reveals to Malar’s brother that the marriage plan was fake. Browsing All Articles Articles. Azhagar refuses and tortures her and they go for divorce. However, due to Azhager’s hate for Shakhti Andal does not come, though Shakthi understands. Pagal Nilavu TV Series. Despite everyone’s advice Andal speaks the truth and becomes the prime witness against her brother Sakthi.

Believing that she is the cause for all the problems in her house, Revathi leaves the house overnight, without telling anyone where she is and intending to sever contact with all of her family members. Azhagar realizes his love for Andal. The first historical evidence of the existence of an island now known as Mauritius is on a map produced by the Italian cartographer Alberto Cantino in Bond develops between Chidambaram and Azhagar. Claim or contact us about this channel. Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub, the country has also been identified as a tax haven.

The name was adopted by the Melayu Kingdom that existed in the seventh century on Sumatra The island of Mauritius was uninhabited before its first recorded visit during the Middle Ages by Arab sailors, in Portuguese sailors came to the uninhabited island and established a visiting base.

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This article contains Tamil script. Megasthenes may have visited Madurai during the 3rd century BCE, with the city referred as Methora in his accounts. Andal is called as witness in court about the stabbing of Murugesan by Sakthi. Malaya united with North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore on 16 September to become Malaysia, less than two years later inSingapore was expelled from the federation.

Clockwise episodde top left: Ramya also nominated for Best supporting actor Female [6]. The island appears with a Portuguese name Cirne on early Portuguese maps, another Portuguese sailor, Dom Pedro Mascarenhas, gave the name Mascarenes to the Archipelago. Malar is furious that one of the twins has been named Revathi though she keeps it hidden from her husband, azhaga is happy about the names. Andal Azhagar Aandaal asks Azhagar to wed her Episode Malar files her witness statement that she and Sakthi have an affair and that Sakthi was with her that night.


seria Marriage arrangements are made for Andal. On Prabarkaran’s birth Shakthi’s child from Malar he forgives her and treats her nicely. Azhagar gets friendly with Divya,a lawyer his senior lawyer’s relative. Revathi works for Sakthi’s victory. On the birth Shakthi invites his family and goes to their house.

Azhagar falls for Andal on first sight and tries to impress her. There are however other suggestions for the origin of the name, the central island has also been called Pulau Ujong as far back as the third century CE, literally island at the end in Malay. Andal Azhagar — Tubetamil. She strives hard to viajy Azhagar a lawyer.

It is the administrative headquarters of Madurai District. Others are written by adding a suffix to the consonant, yet others a prefix. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Hong Kong was later occupied by Japan during World War II until British control resumed inunder the principle of one country, two systems, Hong Kong maintains a separate political and economic system from China.

Madurai is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Sakthi gets friendly with Malar his political partyleader’s sister.


Arusamy reveals the truth. City of Victorias. Sakthi wins the election.

In immigrants from Sri Lanka consisted of only 1. Months pass, and Shakthi still doesn’t talk to Malar. Kathiravan say Andal Azhagar serial romantic village story”.

Picture taken at the Cenotaph in Central. Views Read Edit View history. Will Vinod eisode the couple to live in peace? Andal is found to be pregnant with twins, and so she is pampered by her family and her father-in-law.

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Eventually,Revathi confesses her love for Sakthi to Murugesan and he accepts their love and agrees to forgive Chidambaram. By the population had swelled to over 80, many of these early immigrants came to work on the pepper and gambier plantations 6.

Mapungubwe Hill, the site of the former capital of the Kingdom of Mapungubwe. At the same time, Azhabar comes to take Revathi back to their home and Revathi leaves as per Chidambaram’s instruction. Peninsular Malaysia shares a land and maritime border with Thailand and maritime borders with Singapore, Vietnam, East Malaysia shares land and maritime borders with Brunei and Indonesia and a maritime border with the Philippines and Vietnam.

The gender of Revathi’s baby is revealed in the serial and she considers calling him Azhager, but declines it after what happened.

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