Me too karen68 ;- I really like this Episode! I also reverse the two shots, first red bird to the top, making it topple over. Thanks for the tips lesleyg great idea bumping the wood in the first structure! Everything crushed, except the pig in the middle. Thanks again for this awesome strat!!! Current top score and my second! I did best with pretty much the same method as the video with a few variations.

A few more tries before I settle. Thank you bonneypattycat ;- And nice score to you too! Use the Yellow bird to push the top tower over, and you should be all set. How many birds did you use? Thank you karen68 for a fun, rewarding and repeatable strategy! If anyone has more details on self-destruction, please report in forum on self-destroying levels. I had four early top scores that lasted almost a week, but that pesky ernor63 ; is picking them off one-by-one.

It pretty much took out the whole post. Thanks bernersenn — We really did use the same approach…now we have the same score.

I had been cutting through the ropes closer to the pigs but decided to go high and found it much better. Scores around 57K at this point. Again, just followed the video and everything fell into place.

Angry Birds Seasons Abra-Ca-Bacon Level 1-9 Walkthrough

I think there is a one-bird solution in this approach. For the second, I sent YB high up xeasons the cement post. We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more.

I also reverse the two shots, first red bird to the top, making it topple over. Ty e-star for bringing it to life: Glad it worked for you: Head on to that horizontal board that sticks out a little or just a touch higher. Our strategy for Angry Birds Seasons Abra-Ca-Bacon level is to swasons the moon with a Yellow bird, tossing him nearly straight up and then attacking the left side of the central tower.


Well, kathy it was just that one girds of s, which worked a bit better. I took all afternoon to get it right but I made with it. Took a bit to get the top structure to topple seasoons ppatience is a must and i finally got it! Doing my second round on this I gattered some more points.

Definitely a one-bird solution. Ahhhh karen68 you beauty! Hitting him in the middle of the cement piece also allows for better destrcuction when bxcon bounces back to get more of the front section including the cotton candies. I 2 birded for points, and nothing happened. The score in the video below isHope you will do the same.

Android – Angry Birds Seasons – Abra-ca-bacon – – , – Andrew Mee

If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. This allows the whole central structure to tip over so you get the bowling pin. Anhry crushed, except the pig in the middle. Second bird took out the three right most pigs and the juggling pin beneath them. Major damage resulted from the collapse. Thanks again for seaeons awesome strat!!! Yellow bird the horizontal wood plank sitting on the top of the long vertical stone.

The second shot was to the very top of the high tower and everything came tumbling down both left and right. So glad I bbirds At the time I had no idea what the high score was. Thanks, saw aangry picture here. I took care of him with my yellow bird.

I also used two bids. Only did this once so not sure how repeatable it is. Btw…Did you improve you score like I described with just the left pig remaining or perhaps just the swinging pigs or just like your original post? I feel almost tapped out on Abra-Ca-Bacon now, but I would like to increase my score on just a few levels before throwing in the towel.


Top scores is not on my focus anymore. Let alone my strategy. How many birds did you use?


Thank you karen68 ;- Your score reflects some great precise flinging! Little red as low over the first structure as possible, collapsing central tower, taking out the skittle for 3k, debris through portal destroyed most of left tower too.

First bird just like the video which destroyed most of the left side for 54k. With my first try I bettered my score by 8k.

Angry Birds Seasons Abra-Ca-Bacon Walkthrough Videos 3 Star | AngryBirdsNest

I am posting proof, bear with me since this is my first top score and I am technologically inept. Returned to the usual strategy and managed to pick up bifds few more k. With the first bird, make sure you pop the left swinging pig on the way down.

The little pig eventually fell off, but only one pig popped for pts. Congrats on your score: The top of the tower continued rocking, and the vertical wood plank to the right of the bottom little pig looked like it was mostly off the horizontal plank, but no dice. That little pig shows absolutely no sign of falling most of the time. Me too karen68 ;- I really like this Episode!

As you mentioned…the rope seems to be strong enough to do some damage .

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