Such a pretty fairy! But thank goodness for the outburst, not that it changes their insistence on not forming an attachment. Jade Emperor’s been preparing Eun Oh for a long time. Jilly September 20, at 5: I love this show to bits and pieces. Sinopsis Heartstrings episode 10 part 5.

Did he see notice him there in the woods? Now if only I can find episode 11 to watch! Still thankful to subbers who are still there. I can’t believe that it’s rating is tied with Nice Guy. My guess is that the mirror reflects the true self or soul of the person looking in it. Thanks for the recap gf.

Such a pretty fairy! Sinopsis Heartstrings episode 10 part 5.

And then she brings up the kiss… he snaps that he told her not to say anything about that, and storms out in embarrassment. Ahah did you mean the screen cap on the top? Well that sucks for Mu-young. Off to the story.

It might not fill your gaksital-void, but I think it’ll come close! His mixed-up feelings are a fantastic turn, and I really hope that a growing attraction to Arang continues to change him. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

September 20, at 1: Bang-wool trips, so they get surrounded in no time, and the head minion orders Bang-wool offed epispde.


EO’s mom probably readily accepted as a way dpisode get back at Choi. So wasn’t expecting it at all! That flicker of surprise and embarassment on JK’s face is just so well done and layered!

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Sinopsis Arang and The Magistrate Episode 2 part Which is why I think EO has an expiration date on him sihopsis well. I know what you mean about the slowed subbing. Eun-oh snarks that he would know, right — because the living and the dead are so chummy? That stops him in his tracks.

I mean, this whole mess was his doing. I’m not currently watching this drama but glancing at the recaps now and then. AND Arang died and came back to life again.

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Kind of sad that its ratings is not so high. Now if only I can find episode 11 to watch! Was saving Eun-oh the thing that upset the balance?

In the trailer for ep 13, a short scene shows Arang magitsrate bolting up incatching Eun-Oh in the shadows.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

It’s the Song of the Day too! She figures out their plan pretty quickly—that going after Arang means they draw her out into the open. That’s basically what I think. Please, be a good guy, just for the afternoon! Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Magistratw episode 9 part 2. Mu-young hovers around the king of heaven, wanting to ask something but not being able to, and the king of hell watches from a distance. Episode 12 by LollyPip.


However, this episode really made more progress into the mystery than I had expected, went back to clues left and found in previous episodes, and gave us some wonderful revelations. I squealed at work when I saw the kiss today during lunch! If I understood correctly, Arang has only one month if what she has magistratf are two boreums, since a boreum is 15 days. I believe Lord Choi even married that vessel.

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