Electronic Games Aug 83 p Joystik Jan 83 p Video Games – Radio Electronics Jan 82 p Electronic Games Jan 83 p JoyStik Dec 82 p Text below from New York Times April 23, The official release date was June of , but our local Woolco in Roanoke, Virginia got it a month earlier.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. But rather than appear in court to respond to the temporary restraining order, Apollo filed Chapter XI. Atari Age V2N2 p Download the Onefootball app for free now! Video Games – Radio Electronics Jan 82 p71 Enjoy the action and excitement of an arcade in the comfort of your home with one of these video-game systems. Video Games Jun 83 p Let me know if you have information about the first month the public could buy this game at Mena’s Toys. Text below from Arcade Express August 15,

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Challenge of Nexar Spectravision BG. Bugs Data Age BG. Video Aug 82 p Whose Life is it Anyway? You have to take the tones you want to try to find the best wrk of frequencies.

The demand for the game almost cleared the shelves. Rice noted that Data Age will eventually produce the Journey game for both the Coleco and Intellivision systems and is currently negotiating arcade rights. Everything says Defender was supposed to come out in June.


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From Altruism to Avarice: Below is a list of the types of guesses that can be on this page. Enter Nov 83 p Long on the fringes of the rdama game business, Tiger plans to emphasize arcade-style action coupled with superior graphics.

Donkey Kong Coleco BG. Mega Force Fox BG. How to make sure you don’t get 5 pairs of underwear for Drrama. Apollo president Patrick Roper has said he expects the company to reorganize and return in smaller form.

Text below from Billboard December 4,page Arcade Express Dec 19, 82 p6. All of us hope you’ll like our video clip concerning Info Yourself here, and don’t forge. Arcade Express Oct 10, 82 p6.

Text below from Billboard July 3,page This RAM cart plugs into the game slot to increase the graphic resolution capabilities of the VCS, making it possible to move more objects around on the screen simultaneously. Star Voyager Imagic BG. Meanwhile the company is still seeking a new name, since Arcadia was previously tagged by Emerson for the Arcadia videogame system.

This is the first major software company to hit the rocks.


Page last updated on: Electronic Games Oct 82 p For eleven years NCC has successfully produced and distributed educational and career guidance films to high schools and colleges. Videogaming Jun 83 p Arcade Express Sep 26, Radio Electronics Jul 82 p Apollo has just announced several new Atari-compatible cartridges which they guuruhi be shipping shortly.

ar Arcade Express Sep 26, 82 p1. Plans for the future look promising Electronic Fun Jul 83 p Text below from Arcade Express December 5, June release according to Activisions newsletter, dram, and Radio Electronics. First Use In Commerce Date: Electronic Fun Nov 82 p Electronic Games Software Encyclopedia 83 p Download the Onefootball app for free now! Math Gran Prix Atari. Text below from Billboard November 6,page Most of the faulty cartridges went to West Coast dealers who have since been advised by Mattel to return them, so hopefully most are now out of circulation.

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