Vidya and Radha are shocked to see the ruffian Harsh Puneet Vashisht return to their town. Hema insists that Sagar and Vidya first come to her maternal house after the wedding. Hema suggests to her to mortgage the house, so Kaushalya agrees but asks Harish and her to keep it a secret from Vidya. Cheenu informs Raghav that his daughters have already left from London. However, Sagars accident 6 months back had destroyed it all. Sindoora promises never to let anyone come close to him. After Vidya goes away, Sindoora praises him.

By The Synergies views. On the other hand, Pankhuri believes that the right partner completes a person. However, the trains leaves and Harish triumphantly watches it go. Raghav pacifies her that its testing times for her and is sure that shell emerge victorious from the crisis. What major decisions Jalandhar has to take? Kaushalya begs Sindoora to take Vidya with her but she retorts that Vidya had destroyed her familys happiness, and was jinxed! Mahua taunts Vidya about getting lured by money and takes Sagar away. Kartik is an incorrigible womaniser and even flirts with his sister-in-law Chandra.

By Ankita Arora views. Cheenu sees the photographs and tells Vidya that Sagar had returned from the US and was full of life, ready mian take over his fathers business. She sees the phone but is ignorant about how to use it. When Kaushalya asks Raghav to seek Sagars opinion first, he assures her that nobody could disapprove of Vidya.

Teri dulhann episode 296

Allocation of central funds rose to Rs. Uma gives Vidya jewellery, and she gives Uma a photo frame of Raghav and her. Raghav tries to explain but Vidya mai away. Julun Yeti Reshimgaathi – Episode – June 11, Remember if you want to lose fat, follow the day series: Hema puts on a charade of being happy and congratulates Kaushalya.

However, a shawl falls baboo and floats in the river. Radha is only able to read the other page that asks Vidya to come to the temple in the evening if she agrees to the match. Sindoora starts searching Vidyas suitcase vigorously but is shocked not to dukhann the money anywhere. Meanwhile, Sagar puts a garland around Raghavs photograph, so Sindoora warns Episodd that it will always remind her that she is the mistress of the house now.


Vidya asks Uma to attend Raghavs last rites. Harish had got the terii of a caretaker in the mansion after his brothers death. A politician, Rajat, interacts with Sandhya while inaugurating her beauty parlour. Like us on Facebook – https: Sheela becomes furious at Payal and Rubel for not attending the same.

Raghav and Uma apologise to Vidya and say that they felt she was the right choice for Sagar because she would never leave by Sagars side. Sinha arrives with a lawyer who declares that Raghav had willed his house to Vidya, and she also had an equal right over his inheritance.

One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Just then, a stern Sindoora informs them that there was a condolence gathering the next day.

Hema is delighted that the wedding did not take place and makes plans to get Shalu married to Sagar, for greed of wealth. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann – Episodes Music composed by Naresh Sharma. Hema maain Kaushalya and her by asking in front of everyone how an illiterate girl like Vidya could be a deserving bride for the landlords son!

“Banoo Main Teri Dulhann” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Amrit tries to prove her innocence, but in vain. On the other hand, the priest gives Raghav and Uma a list of the prospective brides. For more videos, subscribe to Congress Party channel: Vidya volunteers to pacify them and even succeeds. Just then, Hema appears and begs at Vidya and Kaushalyas feet for forgiveness.

Episode #1.299

Raghav pacifies her that its testing times for her and is sure that shell emerge victorious from the crisis. The next morning, Hema is at the edge doing all the household chores, so Harish taunts her about throwing their two maids, Kaushalya and Vidya, out. Sindoora vows to remove Vidya from their house within a month by making her life a hell! Julun Yeti Reshimgaathi – Episode – June 30, Meanwhile, Vidya prays to God to help her out of the crisis. Sinha dulann that nobody can remove her out of the house now.


On the other hand, Raghav is leaving with Uma when he tells her that he wants to see Sagar settle with a nice girl so that he will not remain in Sindooras clutches. Kaushalya relents and asks Vidya to come home. Sindoora orders Vidya to get out of the house. Just then, Harsh arrives there and says that Vidya had come to meet him.

When Raghav remains silent, Sindoora and epieode sisters walk away. Uma says that she is seeking revenge eplsode her by using Sagar. Sagar holds Vidyas hand and shouts to Sindoora that he has caught the thief! Sindoora asserts to her sisters that when Uma was not able to take Sagar away from her, then Vidya certainly will not be able to!

Vidya and Kaushalya are stunned and upset. Even Mahua is surprised. Vidya feels extremely uncomfortable but just then, Sagar appears. He starts talking about his eldest daughter, Sindoora and her husband Aniket. By Telugu TechTuts views. Vidya dreams about Sagar romancing her but she is shaken from her reverie when Sagar asks her to go out of the room because Sindoora had told him that brave boys stay alone.

As punishment, Hema goes to scald Kaushalya but Vidya promises her aunt that she will stay away from Raghav and his wife.

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