When Piratz says they only received minimal training I question their veracity. That just proves how thick skulled you are. Jon is called in to help a former baseball player turned bar owner whose refusal to upgrade his inn allowed competing bars to lure his customers away. But trust me, as former military, I can tell you that when soldiers are off duty the last place they want to go is a place that reminds them of the military. He was told to storm off. Yes, I realize they show you in the beginning that they have planted many surveillance cameras throughout the bar. They also tend to wear, slouchy, casual clothes to work rather than business clothes like those of us who work downtown D.

Owners Value Partying Over Profit. That alone should tell you quite enough. He tried to help, they spat in his face by burning all the work he did, and then she had the nerve to ask him to come back. They enter to find the bar deserted. The Downtown Silver Spring area is a ghost town at night…. Reply Karishma Tanna September 20, at 4: The owner had a viable concept given to her, she just decided that playing dress up was more important.

Jon goes head-to-head with a stubborn owner and self-proclaimed “nightlife expert” who’s resistant to implementing any changes. Jon checks in on four previously rescued bars, including Dimples and 22 Klicks, to see if the owners have a better grasp of the reality of their businesses. That the debt they had could have never been overcome and that neither the epjsode or husband owners had the skill set to run a bar period.

The update was even more hilarious than the rescue show. Especially recently it seemed John Taffer was doing his best to personally provoke me on his Facebook page. Every reality show pre-screens the people that are going to be on their shows. We have two versions of the rescue — the televised version, and the “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes” version on the Piratz Tavern website. Honestly, it looked like an empty dump.

When I watched the Pirate show, concluding with the rename to Corporate, I felt that Taffer hated her and wanted to stick it to her re the Corporate name. Jon is a freaking genius, he has done this for so long before the show that is why the show was made, he knows what he is doing and is not just taking money from bars. They gave me similar stories — and we agreed to disagree on our experiences.


Only 2 people came in for Taffer, ate, and left. U let your dumb pride screwup a million dollar ideal. Sisters Betsy and Stephanie spend most of their time at work tossing back shots, and it’s up to Jon to keep these two from running their biker bar into a ditch.

The employees were attentive and fun, the other customers were obviously regulars and included me right in. Once you are done filling out the form, youu print the screen in order to gget paid.

Interestingly, Sara from Second Base posted a comment on the Piratz Facebook thread expressing sympathy, saying “we fell for it, too.

Piratz Tavern: How Bar Rescue Faked Reality – The Murphyverse

Reasonable price, like a local pub should. Are you are bar expert? Murphy’s, a dive bar in Fell’s Point, MD, on the brink of financial and physical collapse. What does that tell you. An outrageous owner spends more time swinging from the rafters than managing his bar, and Jon is ready to abandon the rescue if the owner doesn’t face reality. When the show first started, everything on TV was pretty much havern. Taffer goes from So eposode are all the Jack Sparrow wannabes going to go to drink grog.

The food was excellent, the grog was delicious and the service staff was friendly I got a free dessert and t-shirt.

Bar Rescue: Piratz Tavern Preview

Spike really has a flair for this apparently. I seen in your evaluate that one of the displays confirmed fifty three flooring and questioned what your expertise was from that perspective.

That Spike, Yelp, Youtube and all the people of the internet are conspiring to make it seem like a thriving business is, in fact,struggling. Theme was the worse idea imaginable, would you go to corporate bar and grill.

Finally, I agree that yelp sucks. How deranged to u have to be to choose “Pirate” The Answer is Very. Everything organic was either staged or heavily edited. A former psychologist turned bar owner attempts to run a Detroit jazz club, but her interfering family and lazy staff have her seeking counseling from Jon.

A lot of eople will be benefiuted from your writing.

After their experience she put a post on FB saying the place was packed and that Jon Taffer would be proud Jon has to straighten out the abrasive owner of the St8 Pub, who has squandered a generous taverj from the landlord and taken advantage of his mother financially. You won’t succeed anywhere until you change the attitude.


Am I missing something? So where in the hell do you guys have any business criticizing TV Shows???

So they were given a painted canvas and basically added their garbage into said painting and calling it their own. I have seldom seen someone so opposed to good advice by someone who CAN run a profitable bar.

During the seemingly successful re-opening, Tracy and the staff began dressing and acting like pirates,scaring their customers out of the bar;she reverts back to the pirate name and theme. Good point, the cheesiness of the before look definitely did not help.

SHUT IT DOWN: ANOTHER ‘Bar Rescue’ Bar Closed Down Forever This Past Weekend

To watch a person self destruct and try to blame it on Jon after just ONE DAY, that appeared to be a real winner of a day, and go back to the Pirate theme to finish losing the rest of her meger net worth. Turning Piratz Tavern into a corporate bar was extremely pretentious. Jon looks back at some of the biggest barroom brawls in the show’s history and checks in to see if the owners and their patrons have curbed their rowdy ways.

I went back in February for my birthday after a two year absenceand the bar was great.

Piratz Tavern: How Bar Rescue Faked Reality

I do not, and never will know all there is to know about owning and running bars, but I can tell you this, the character in this show is far from being one of the best consultants of the bar business.

The camera work alone very quickly proves this show to be scripted. Jon checks in on some of the most stubborn owners he’s ever worked with, including the owner of O Face, where Jon previously walked out without completing the rescue. If you have a certain standard you go by then you know that others of your caliber wont accept mediocre as acceptable. Looks like all the nerds are going to go back to looking for love at the conventions.

You may also like 2 Videos. This was a very long blog full of anger and resentment, making me believe this is the owner, Tracy. They enter to find the bar deserted.

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