They are fighting the japs together. To Xue JunShan, life is like his chess playing, gather his boys, pop an addictive stimulating betel nut like it is harmless chewing gum, have some mindless fun, take it as easy as can be but never not on the alert of planning and thinking all the next steps in the life he has a clarity of designing for himself and his family. He is a loving, protective, honorable and resourceful man. It is not your decision whether I am willing or not. All GCM can do is sit and be pretty, brooding, listening to the horrible news from the front line. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Even the war itself was reduced to being a mere background and plot device for what went on with the Hu Family during this turbulent time.

I must live life to its fullest! If anyone wants to sub or can provide subs, please do not hesitate to help out the community. Your tear ducts will be working overtime because so much happens in such a short amount of time. Of course XJS will not put his every thought on the sleeves, giving GCM the slightest chance to smugly knock down his plan. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He cares about this fine young man personally, and a part of it is shrewdly the princeling was hurt under his watch, breaking the passive, formidable command from Mr Gu Senior. I already had high expectations for Changsha , so for it to exceed them is a testament to how great of a drama this is.

Here he is teaching XM how to clean a gun, essential to how to bear arms. Plenty of fan-made videos are available on the Chinese video platform bilibili using contents from Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge’s past costume dramas. It hits her he is not being considerate of himself, not sensibly evaluating the situation…and he is insensitive of her feelings how much he means to her and how terribly she will worry about him with an open wound, aside from how much she will miss him as if he will not miss her with the hasty decision.


Battle Of Changsha – Drama Review

She is telling him she has set her eyes on him from the first moment he crosses her path. He loves them differently. Finishing this drama is like a miracle for me.

I do not know if GCM reflects on the meticulous considerations of BiL constantly arranging for his family, not being too hard on him mere days recuperating, but it should not escape him this is the nitty gritty of how to provide for the mouths to feed, something he might chhangsha be aware of with his upbringing until now. With his very privileged background, why does he have to station in ChangSha, why must he fight in the front lines?

IT is not safe outside! In saying that I love his character in the series very much, he suited and played Gu Qing Ming very well. My Blog of Randomness! General is putting in a persuasion on the home front, fondly remembering his wife nursing bttle scar on his face or else he would not be presentable a sight. A face to behold and expressions to love. I ve read some fei wo si cun books but found them so sad that i might not want to read her anymore.

Battle Of Changsha – Drama Review – THE FAINEANT EARTHLING

The drama is worth watching. All of them is of a brave stock, having a fire in them to fight the enemy to the end even with nothing, a lot of them are so determined they are writing down their wills.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is a double trauma she is persevering battl each dead soldier passing by her side, of a young brave man dying too young, and she can not stop thinking of you, never leaving you anywhere but closest to her heart no matter how much it hurts.

Suspicious men in black are prowling the streets of ChangSha: Every name or nick she diligently recorded, their unmarked graves she dug with her hands, she thought of him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The character were all well written, layer by layer. Surviving is the most important, you know?!


The mindgames BiL and GCM plays with are so delicious, befitting two great minds at work even when one of them is as worldly as slick and the other still the idealist moral model of a fine young man who have the brains and read all his books and know all his strategies, but no field experience navigating the treacherous slopes of dealing with sly foxes like XJS.

Why are you choosing a path for others, and not planning for yourself?

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Battle of Changsha | picadrama

Apparently, the bwttle succeeded in getting us all hooked onto this series for 28 episodes and suddenly bombarded us with a really CRAPPY open ending. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Although Xiao Pingjing also figures prominently in the first phase, his moment to shine is actually from Episode 28 onward.

I remember watching it at night and I was scared with the war scenes. He grins so wide some more as General pushes on when is he changshs to get a drink at his wedding banquet.

This is a guy fully aware every moment where he is at could be his last as one of the first things he confided with GCM, and yet he arranges, pulling his connections with XH, no way easily, rice for his family, because he must know it is no longer safe for them making extra trips on the streets with the IJA infiltrating the city and bullets flying just outside their walls.

Blushing, he agrees wholeheartedly with a lowering of his head. XM is quick to show he is a smartypants injecting a wink of what GCM taught him when he peed his pants.

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