True, one usually associates prescriptions with medicines one takes, not follows. But I’m balking, slightly, at this version. You have the Y sound, and then the OO sound. Did you have giesha first? C’mon Rex, time to post a retraction of your scathing commmentary–you just didn’t get it! There seem to be a couple of other less famous Xerxes, but “Xerxes” or “Xerxes the Great” seem sufficient.

Sorry to say that I am with Gil I. Both my kids got that Myrennes number question easily and quickly. So it’s not a real phrase, and it indicates an action i. What does fly is another hankie; glad I stuffed one in every pocket. Furillo and Hodges hit homers I met him during a “Back to Brooklyn” celebration several years ago – a really nice guy, and he remembered that particular game. The clues were mostly easy and reasonable. To put this in perspective, googlin “phooeypewitfleadigestionbreath” got just one hit. Other than that, I did not enjoy it

Carola – Hang onto your hat! Revealer, revealer clue, title—all of it is just Off. They are entertaining and unusual.

To Mohair Sam — I didn’t know that! At least once a week I need Rex to reveal a theme or pattern I’ve missed.

Bogart’s only horror film – Crossword Clue

Humphrey Bogart got me started; when I was a kid that movie scared me – he had not yet become “Bogie” – “High Sierra” re-created him. If they’d have clued it “Leader of Uzbekistan? Got romcom from inferring. I got the “i” only because I know that Hebrew plurals end in “im” or “ot”. I s’pose this phenomenon is some kind of speech spout spasm.


I’m no linguist, though, or whatever you call the specialty that studies this sort of thing. But it makes perfect sense. I hated every agonizing minute of it. When two of the theme clues “Doctor X and Prof. Independent Puzzles American Values Club xword ed. I also never noticed the nice downward progression of the RXs.

Anyway, danp, the first letter you write in union is U. But I kind of like surprising word usage on a Sunday for how it makes the puzzle a little more difficult. The Sunday puzzles the last bastion of the old high-quality NYT puzzles have been deteriorating of late but this was certainly the worst Sunday puzzle I can recall, and quite possibly the worst Sunday ever “ever” being since the early 50’s, when I began doing the NYT puzzles.

The guy really paved the way for the burgeoning indie puzzle movement, and he’s still killing it, against all odds, twice a week, every week.

A lot of misdirection which made it fun. I’m not its demographic. Some rough fill in that area. Contact Me rexparker [at] icloud [dot] com. U are so write!!!! With Down, a patient process?

Bogart’s only horror film title role, – crossword puzzle clue

Crimea Referendum results are in: But I also never figured out the theme. I don’t know ‘ow you Spanish speakers do it. Very messy in ink.

If you use your mobile phone for SEXTing then it’s a dirty cell. I liked this one as well. Any puzzle with whack-a-mole in hhorror, is fine by me.

Longitude is perpendicular to the equator, running north-south.

The Mystery I am the breeze breathed at sea. Puzzle of the Week now … it’s a tough call this week. My mother had the game on. First time I’ve ever seen him miss one. Since a prescription is not limited to horroor the doctor may prescribe a physical exercise routine that the patient must follow, for examplethe wording “follow the prescription” is appropriate.


Parker House Roll Call. Evan and BEQ were crosswprd choices today. I’m choosing italics, bolds, and quotation marks willy nilly today. If so, you will probably recognize these lyrics from the chorus of the opening song: Jeremy Newton Relative difficulty: I also liked the difficulty of the rx clues – don’t usually see that combination very often more than once in a puzzle.

And I hadn’t even noticed the diagonal run of the RXs. A u nion in the mouth between honey and that totally unsweet greek yoghurt is a thing of beauty.

Bogart’s only horror film title role, | Crossword Puzzle Clue |

I loved this puzzle. Of course it does! I am the soft sound of spume. I’d accept the “X” if the fours were numerals. SPUME, spray, spurt, spray, spit, spatter, splash, spritz. Thought up to now that they had a dash too much green paint in em.

So it’s not a real phrase, and it indicates an action i.

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