She’s a graduate of Hillsdale College, which inspired the setting of her Premonition Series. I bought the whole first three books last time because of all the great reviews and I just found myself sucked into the series and finishing the whole three books in a day!!! All about her as a soul, Xavier’s lover, Reed’s champion, Emil’s inescapable were just part of her real mission. Now comes the most annoying part in the whole book. Is this the time for me to accept that why Brennus lives is because Evie actually loves him? View all 5 comments. Because I can feel that she will leave you regardless of your exponential movement to save her.

Here are a few of the comments I made along the way: Was that truly the end of the book? Feb 23, Russell I can understand but Brennus? Just as she’s learning to harness her abilities and fight with the best of them, Evie discovers that her past was not at all what it seemed. She is unbelievable and unreal.

I was shocked, other than A Discovery Of Witches I premonifion yet to read a book that brought out such intense emotion in me, and isn’t that what sets amazing storytellers apart from the twilights of the world?

Of all the Twilight books Serie suffered through, New Moon was the worst although I enjoyed the movie because of all the wolves which the book just could not capture for me. She has mentioned that this is the final installment of the Premonition series, but maybe it transitions to the Faerie Queen series or something.

Evie understandably is frustrated to no end by the constant tug of war for her heart and soul, and she struggles with everything she has to hold onto Reed despite premonitipn odds stacking up against them. She argues over things that really won’t help her cause and lays down like a rug on the things she should be standing up for.

Other books in the series. So to me, brnenus was quite a soap opera.

I wish authors wouldn’t write scenes like that in their books. There was, however, the small matter of Thing the Second: They’ll be the cutest, sweetest, loveliest couple ever if they all survive those haunting nightmares. I cant stop thinking about all the loose ends in this ending!! Evie is recovering from the events at the end of the last book, and by her side is her loving and faithful angel, Reed.


Intuition (The Premonition, #2) by Amy A. Bartol

I definitely felt fear when reading Intuition. His name is a little on the weird side like something you would call a sleep enducing drug BUT he touched my heart Preben did. Paperbackpages. She really asked for this to be her last life and that she had the free will to chose who she wanted to be with and over all the men who were contending for her she always chose Reed.

I love all the new characters. P and this book is filled with unexpected turns, so just when you think you’ve got it, BOOM! What happened in that scene again? They left my sweet, darkly romantic avenging warrior, Reed. Just downloaded and am excited to see that it’s longer than the first book in the series, Inescapable.


Something breaks within my wing, while I see his wing straighten. One of my oldest friends is premonitioj West Virginia.

She wants the two of them to go somewhere no one would find them, and of course- Russ would do anything for her. I like how Reed’s character has been put premonnition in that class structure.

I imagine those people not familiar with a premonitiom drawl will find it to be nearly incomprehensible. However he was present a lot towards the end and the ending is HOT. The love story between Evie and Reed is just downright cringey idk what the author’s history is with romantic relationships, Charline wrote: Emotions premonittion all the poxy place!!

The segies of Iniquity felt like your stereotypical infuriating cliffhanger or one if those novels in serial form where you’re left waiting for another installment.

A completely tortured life to live watching your soul mate love another. It was sorta of like he says “Hey, I’m back” and then “ya, i missed you”, then they do it, then she says “hey I know you just got back but I got to go to work now so So you think a love triangle is bad?


Chapter 1 Oh fantastic guess who is back Bruness sp … the faire who talks like he has been This book is the worst thing ever written right next to the previous 3 books. I know now that you have to be real.

I’ll say this one more time, I really wanted to enjoy this book. To view it, click here. I love his obsession and the fact he gives zero fucks. Last but certainly not the least. After they get away and everything, new trouble is in the air!

Incendiary (The Premonition, #4) by Amy A. Bartol

Ok, so I don’t remember if I told Amy this when i finished this one but thank you for not beating the whole love triangle like seris dead horse. Open Preview See a Problem?

LOL back to the Twilight prmonition. The family is back together. I am looking forward to alot of book releases in December but it’s Incendiary that i am absolutely dying for The ending and last conversation between Reed and Brennus sure makes it sound like it is going to continue.

There’s so much foreshadowing with her being the Faerie queen with what Brennus said that it just begs for another book.

Then, know that I will never stop looking for you because we are one. The middle segment where we are in Ruseell’s POV I would like more of Preben because he amuses me just like that Volturi guy that I loved but never got to see.

When will it be out, by the way? Let me say though, every guy but Reed can seriously eff the hell off. Jun 06, Jasmine rated it really liked it Shelves: I’m coming brebnus confused, needless to say. Everything just keeps rising and rising and it’s never flat!!!

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