However, the cake must feed people. He also creates a “naked cake” which is unfrosted even though it is against his general principles. Buddy finds a message from his dad. The fully completed cake is loaded onto a truck to be driven from New Jersey to Mexico, and must pass through Customs. However, a cake delivery to Florida goes wrong when Buddy’s cousin, Jay, strands a bakery van in Savannah, Georgia after accidentally filling the tank with gasoline instead of diesel fuel. The Valastro family stays strong when Buddy’s Mama returns to celebrate the Easter holiday in Hoboken: Meanwhile, Mauro and Madeline make a cuckoo clock cake for a collector. This week Buddy takes on a superhero challenge when he’s asked to make a cake for Spiderman’s 50th Anniversary!

Buddy and Lisa shop for rings for their vow renewal ceremony. Retrieved June 27, Buddy’s Italian speaking skills are put to the test as he has to make an authentic tiramisu for a client who has family visiting from Italy. And, Buddy makes a classic cake for his son’s fourth birthday. The construction of the new bakery factory hits a setback, when Buddy and his contractor finds a cost overrun; furthermore, Grace is incensed when the model cakes being made for the new sales website are not being made correctly. Alfie the Talking Dragon, a very popular exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan , turns 3-years-old, so Buddy decides to construct a talking cake – with himself as the voice of Alfie. Buddy and the crew create a leprechaun pig that includes candied bacon.

Spirits & Spumoni

Also, Carlo’s Bakery undergoes a much-needed remodelling. A solar system cake for a planetarium proves to be quite a structural headache for the bakers. Retrieved January 29, Buddy surprises his wife on Mothers day by having his children decorating a cake for her. And, Mauro and Madeline’s son Buddy C is learning to drive. It was a dark and stormy night, when the Jersey Devil was driven out into the night, at least that is one story.


Lisa and Remy make a special announcement to Buddy, who can’t wait to tell the rest of the family. Buddy and the team rock a crystal cake for a gemstone gallery’s 50th anniversary celebration, and his 5-year-old son takes over Carlo’s Bakery. Buddy and crew make a crane cake for a local salvage company, as well as a very unusual wedding cake — for dogs. Buddy makes a snow globe cake for a man who wanted to use the cake as a centerpiece for a marriage proposal at Central Park.

Buddy and the crew make a cake for the staff of Blue Sky Studiosin celebration for the completion of their latest film, Ice Age: Ralph and Ashley team up to create the cake. Two professional lumberjacks tie the knot and Buddy makes a tree-inspired wedding cake; Carlo’s shop gives back to Feeding America, and Buddy promises a bboss for all the volunteers at the Lackswanna shelter. An animal-themed cake is made for an Indian baby shower.

Also, Ashley gets angry after Paul cracks a joke in reference to her upcoming marriage, leading to Grace and Mary, both often at odds themselves, to do a little intervention.

Ralph is concerned that the cake will fall apart. In addition to its regular version, this episode was also broadcast as a special Icing on the Cake episode, featuring special facts about the family, shop and baked goods, done in the same style as Pop-Up Video and Pawn Stars.

A group asks Buddy to create a cake for a Roman toga party. And, Buddy has been having lower back pains and begins taking yoga classes.

Lackawanna Blues – Cake Boss | TLC

It should incorporate flavors that are typically used in Singaporean desserts. Also, Buddy is asked to create a cake for a Bocce tournament. The Valastro family stays strong when Buddy’s Mama returns to celebrate the Easter holiday in Hoboken: Buddy is asked to create an Egypt-themed cake for Rutgers. He is also anxious to find out what she thinks of the renovations to the bakery.


It was very humbling to be a part of and we are glad we helped out such an amazing guy and a great family as the Valastro’s. A tribute to Buddy’s mother, Mary Valastrobrings the family together to honor her legacy, influence, and triumphs.

Episode 30

Buddy is epiaode to create a cake for a Hot Air Balloon festival. Also, Sunshine, the bakery’s best cake artist, announced that she will soon resign from the bakery to pursue a nursing career. Lisa and a kids make a cake for Buddy’s birthday.

Also, Mauro challenges him to ice a cake blindfolded. Buddy copes the lackawannna way he knows how bows by making a special cake for her, by himself with no recipe. And, Mauro suffers a concussion when he falls in the bathroom, and is taken to the hospital. Before we say goodbye to the best Mama in the business, let’s look at some of her sweetest and sassiest moments.

Also, the convention is in Las Vegas. An Irish group creates “St. However, filling orders becomes difficult when the ovens start to act up again. The bakery prepares for Christmas Eve, the busiest time of the year for the bakery.

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