From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She has a good partnership with former partner, Kevin Atwater. She spent two weeks on administrative duty while nursing back to health. Retrieved August 6, When she was called to the lake by Frank Toma knowing that there was nothing to be done he commits suicide in front of her, leaving her distraught. Retrieved March 26, Retrieved November 24, Intelligence works with Chicago Fire to crack a case in the gripping crossover conclusion.

Platt gets Roman and Burgess to host a gun return fair but end up receiving a gun that might have been used in an unsolved homicide. December 3, [55]. An imprisoned Polish mobster with a grudge against Halstead is the prime suspect. With that knowledge in hand, our boss called in a favor—he wanted to acquiesce to the demand and cut the dealer loose. View all Star Wars Sites. Racial tensions, the agendas of individual politicians, new federal regulations and other issues will be addressed this season.

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Retrieved January 9, Squerciati liked her character’s “energy and happiness” and said, “I’m hoping that she maintains some of that joy. Also, Halstead continues to develop feelings for Lindsay. Retrieved October 23, December 3, [55]. But that was before somebody abducted Eva.


Ruzek and Atwater go undercover as prison inmates to work the case of a ten-year-old girl’s murder, while Voight and Olinsky follow up on a lead about the shooting. Chicago Fire midseason finale recap: She knows what she wants.

Retrieved April 30, The death of a protester at a world trade event seems to point to an Argentine official. Later on, it is revealed that Lindsay’s mother is trying to get back on her feet by borrowing money from a loan shark so Voight helps her out with the provision that she not see Lindsay again.

In her fictional backstory, Burgess was a flight attendant for three years before joining the CPD Academy. Chicago Med midseason finale takeaways: The Chicago PD amd finale brought out the worst in Antonio Dawson, but it also left One Chicago fans wondering where he—and the show—go from here. In other events, Halstead’s brother arrives in town; and is soon stirring up trouble. Characters Matthew Casey Kelly Severide.

Burgess is released from the hospital and assigned to desk duty to take it easy, so Platt partners up with Roman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ranking the chicag Best Characters. Meanwhile, Lindsay’s mother is getting married, and wants to be a part of her life again, which she refuses. October 26, [54].


This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat It is revealed that Dawson’s marriage might be in jeopardy and has an effect on his family when his daughter visits. Adam even helps her get revenge on Platt, finalw treats Burgess and Atwater horribly. September 1, [53]. However, they are generally able to laugh it off after shift. An alderman’s daughter and her friend are kidnapped for ransom.

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One Chicago Center 2 months Chicago Med midseason finale takeaways: The Intelligence Unit investigates a homicide, but it is revealed that this case has something to do with Lindsay’s mother and her husband. Carter continued to claim innocence, but now also told Voight that Jason was crazy. Racial tensions, the agendas of individual politicians, new federal regulations and other issues will be addressed this season. Retrieved September 25, When one of the men tries to sexually assault Burgess; she stabs him on a shoulder with a lipstick that had a knife in it, and then beats him.

Chicago PD midseason finale takeaways:

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