While it’s mired in continuity watching the TV series or at least first film A Contact is recommended the drama and apocalyptic action still packs a punch, matched by a superb score, lush animation and some real poetry. They leave the dock but are still pursued by some soldiers. Black Rebellion My-Otome 0: The Final Act — Hipira Tomino’s appearance in the series would be near the end of “Be Invoked”, appearing in a spacesuit on the Solo Ship’s bridge with storyboard illustrations in his hands. Bes and Hatari are able to find Karala and Joliver.

Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, Audio Planning U Titles: Eiko Yamada as Banda Lotta. Bento Marasu Kazuo Hayashi Eiko Yamada as Banda Lotta. Meanwhile, on the Solo Ship, the Earthlings only want a planet they could escape to to avoid the endless attacks of the Buff Clan – a desire they know can never be. Can the lethal weaponry prepared by the Ome Foundation truly prove sufficient to slay the Giant God of legend, Ideon?

The Solo Ship escapes into Null Space. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Quiddity All reviews 11 people found this review helpful. Only Lady Karara and one other officer who emerges late in the film to attempt a densetzu have any redeeming qualities.

A young pilot, daughter of a deceased space captain, is selected to pilot a colossal robot as the key point of Earth’s defence in a space war.


Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked (movie)

Inhe began drawing movei artwork for the Boruto: On the bridge of the Solo Ship, Karala reveals to everyone else that she’s pregnant with a child that Cosmo and the others call a Densetus. A New Translation – Heirs to the Stars Yukiko Nashiwa as Tolorof. At one time it was rated 10 among the greatest anime series as compiled by famous anime magazine Animage counting popularity, influence, and opinion.

Nick Creamer has the details.

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dennsetsu Shojiro Kihara as Daram Zuba. Edit Did You Know? Learn more More Like This. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Where the TV series ends, the second movie changes events drastically.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion series also ends in a similar fashion, with two theatrical releases: Do you love all types of movies? Hatsudou-hen ” on Amazon.

Space Runaway Ideon – Wikipedia

Maybe if I had seen this when I was 17 I would have had the exact same experience. Search for ” Densetsu kyojin ideon: Suddenly, the group encounters a landing party from the extraterrestrial Buff Clan, who assume they are being attacked and retaliate; with no alternative to avoid being killed, the group boards the Ideon and defend themselves with it.

The Ideon Gun is particularly powerful; along with an attack power ofenough to destroy most lesser enemies in one hit, the MAP version has a massive blast radius which often almost covers the battlefield.


Assuming the “aliens” Earthling colonists have attacked Karala, the Buff Clan begins to attack. Loum Arc — Ideoh Build Divers: The wanton cruelty displayed by Buff Clan in its destructive attacks on Solo’s civilians is rather casually presented.

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Yasuo Uragami Executive producer: Cosmo tells Bes and Hatari the good news. Like Mobile Suit Gundam before it, the series originally met with rather low ratings and was cancelled after 39 of its mogie 43 episodes aired.

The Ideon: Be Invoked () – IMDb

Trivia The opening sequence of the film features the Ideon chopping a planet in half with its blades. Closing up to the end of the movie, I was suddenly struck by iideon weight of the show and finale of it all.

Theron Martin has the details. Nunnally in Wonderland Code Geass:

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