Turn R Series unit off, then error. This unit may contain lethal voltages. Consult instructions for use. External Pacemaker optional The unique design of the R Series products allow clear viewing and interpretation of the electrocardiogram on the display without offset or distortion during external pacing. If the measured field strength in the location in which the R Series is used exceeds the applicable RF compliance level above, the R Series should be observed to verify normal operation. Leaving alarm settings at their default levels or setting them to the extremes of their ranges may defeat the utility of the alarms even when they are activated.

Unless internal handles are connected to the OneStep cable, the default energy selections for adult patients are: Depending on the options, the RS connector may be Page R Series Service Manual 3. It may be necessary to use a new label upon Note: Use of other ECG monitoring devices might provide misleading information due to the presence of pacer artifacts. Batteries Batteries When the patient is less than 8 years old or weighs less than 55 lb.

Code Readiness Test Report Rev. During reassembly, the barrier may be reused if the adhesive Remove 9 screws holding PD Engine to 2.

ZOLL R Series Service Manual

Consult instructions for use. Remove the label covering the connector panel 6.


Ensure the unit is turned off. Related Messages Desfibeilador not remove power both battery and AC while the unit is erasing reports or formatting the disk.

Decrease the rate to 30 ppm. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory age See the Energy Level: The R Series defibrillator uses this information to provide feedback to the rescuer in one or more of the following forms: Do not open, disassemble, or intentionally damage. Carefully disconnect the sync cable by pulling straight sync cable 2and the patient impedance cable 3.

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Page A severe shock can result. The CPR values will be within the specification. Working with Menus Manual Mode Only For some functions, the screen shows a menu of options with related softkeys for navigating through the menus and making selections and entries.

Apply one edge of the pad securely to the patient. The R Series unit may be configured to synchronize the time automatically with a data server in the Wi-Fi Data Transfer configuration settings.

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Connect the OneStep cable via the adapter D. To avoid risk of electrical shock, do not touch the gelled area of the hands-free therapy electrodes while pacing. The Destibrilador cable should not be connected to any equipment at the ;recios of this test. Page 41 Pacer rate on Impulse is ppm. The code markers are removed from the display after 10 seconds. Press the Confirm softkey to enter the Manual mode of operation. Chapter 12 File Transfer Note: Use a prying tool to lift up on the board to release adhesive.


Synchronized Cardioversion Procedure Sync marker pattern. Charge Defibrillator After charging to the selected energy, the charge indicator on the apex paddle lights. Remove 9 screws desdibrilador the control board to the front pulling them straight out, then remove nuts securing panel. Does the unit show signs of excessive wear? ECG can only be monitored by the R Series when pacing. Page 94 R Series Service Manual 7.

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Browse Related Browse Related. In good working condition Battery may needed to be replaced.

Page 46 Observe this The R Series defibrillator also supports ZOLL autoclavable internal handles for use during open chest defibrillation procedures.

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