Nirmala says that his mother is neither talking nor picking up the phone. Nupur says that he wont melt if he doesnt take tea one day. Anirudh and ishaani, and shaurya come. The entire family smiles for one last time. Damini is so closed minded that I cannot describe her in real life. She begins to go, but he holds her back yet again and brings hjer close to himself, with her back against his chest. They can adopt her after the fact and give her a profitable life. Anirudh asks them to call if they need anything.

I will badly miss this show …? Im sure all of u agree with me im sooooo upset. This secret is going to cause great repercussions when the truth is revealed. If she had that great love for her grand daughter the she was not going to abuse her in that way to get back at the mother. Can she not identify any of the rapist or find the vehicle. Let them be more sensitve to issues against women. Anirudh comes in too, along with damini and ishaani. Invest in educating youths is schools and colleges on gender violence.

How horrid even the nurses hav no respect an they ar woman??? She was trying to pursue happiness and carve a life of rights and dignity for herself and her family. Epislde asks where is she going in the middle of the puja.

Anirudh, and shaurya alogn with urmi, ask her to calm down and relax, and not be scared. Shaurya says that they love her terribly. Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? As far as I am reading ,Nehur lifestyle was far from a good one.

Doli Armaanon Ki 28th July Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Damini is so closed minded that I cannot describe her in real life. I wish them all the best of luck in their career. Aww…i will miss shaurya and diya…would have loved to see more of their romance…. What is portrayed sometimes in these serials are not realistic about how women of India are.


He says that they have ended all relations with her, and that she is dead to them, and infact she should have died that night, as they would have done the customary rights of the death and then moved on. Nupur says that he wont melt if he doesnt take tea one day.

Doli Armaanon Ki 31st July Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Fan I just remember that incident when she left to further her career,So the career she pursued was prostitution. The next morning, diya is brought down with urmi, along with others in the drawing epixode, to cheer her up, and change her environment so that she interacts with others.

Damini asks urmi why is she taking her around like this, in such epislde condition, as she should be in her house, resting, eoli she needs the most.

Then she has to go through this by having to know who the child father is. Ar letting their own ppl down. How I wish the original crew was there to d end…. She says that she cant say for sure that she changed the society, but promises that her teaching shall stay behind, as she did her bit. Anirudh asks if she is in her senses, or has becme mad. Such third party cookies may track your use on Filmibeat sites for better rendering.

Sign in Recover your password. No one cud have done it better than mohit malik!!!! He explains it to them that Samrat couldn’t make it today as he had some very important meetings lined up.

I hope we dont have to add pregnancy to this heart-breaking list.

Doli Armaano Ki: 9th January Written Episode, Ishaan-Urmi Back Home!

This is really how it is in India when a woman a raped. Shaurya hurriedly asks alok to do exactly what she says. Anirudh being the gentlemen he is should put her in her place in no uncertain terms. Fatema 26th Sep – A very good episode — reality I should say.


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When a woman marries into a home n if only new family members consider her a daughter not daughter in law, would we find equality n love which would translate to a happy n healthy home. But when the storms roll in and the waters become choppy love becomes difficult. Every sect,every religion has their own man made beliefs. She says that all love each other, but she isnt loved by anyone, just due to urmi.

I myself was thinking the same thing. Other articles published on Jan 10, Leila 29th Jul – Chiku is shocked to know that diya has been gangraped. KeshneeSingh 28th Sep – Urmi then promotes epiosde new serial Lajwanti, the love story of a girl, in the morbid background of the separation, and hopes the audience loves her the same manner that they expressed their affection for urmi, herself.

Her father says that she should have thought of that, before walking out hand in hand with someone, despite them telling her not to, episide that now she should go and stay there itself. Urmi then tells everyone that her life started as a married girl, with ambitions, dreams and hope, and some of them got fulfilled, and some got lost. Forever embeded in my heart???? In real life this armaanoon happen to any one of us including our family and relatives. They leave the hospital.

Shaurya and others are shocked.

Shaurya is enraged to see him, while diya smiles happily.

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