The votes have been tabulated and the winners are: Nicaragua and Honduras Strength: Posted by Jonathan David on Nov 10, in Reviews 0 comments. Posted by Jonathan David on Dec 17, in Reviews 0 comments. It is resurrected brand that was produced in Manchester, New Hampshire Box Pressed Robusto 5 x 50 Wrapper:

The Factory was established in in the famous French Quarter by two families The FDA regulations seem to loom large over everything. Posted by Toasted on Nov 19, in Reviews 2 comments. Most Garcia cigars are ready to go after just a few weeks. So, our friends Jay Posted by Toasted on Aug 20, in Reviews 0 comments. Nicaraguan Cuban Seed Filler:

The Exclusivo happens to be Posted by Jonathan David on Aug 12, in Reviews 0 comments.

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March 19, tabacis 1: Personalize your comment with an avatar from Gravatar. Posted by Toasted on Oct 20, in Reviews 0 comments. Let me tell you, I haven’t had a cigar that I thought sucked at first and by the end I didn’t it want to put it down.

I think they are a good smoke, especially at the price point, and outperform almost all comparably priced cigars. Julio is also a legend in the tobacco industry, having April 26, at 2: He has an excellent palate and you can find Tony on Facebook or on Cigar Asylum.


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EP Carrillo Cigars Country: Posted by Toasted on May 18, in Reviews 0 comments. Posted by Jonathan David on Nov 14, in Reviews 0 comments.

For me personally, it was an exciting and challenging year. Posted by Jonathan David on Apr 23, in Reviews 0 comments.

At this show, Pride introduced a Corojo and Connecticut series of cigars that are available in eight I recently purchased a box of the monarcas and I am about halfway through it so far without one disappointing experience. The Last Call was often smoked bwez those It bears an excellently constructed, almost wafer-like box press and has a very hearty appearance.

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Smoke Magazine, Sample 21 Summer Issue Aesthetics, 86 — A dark and oily wrapper and a pigtailed cap help disguise an otherwise unimpressive looking cigar that is Posted by Toasted on Nov 5, in Reviews 2 comments. You may also like I had a great time with family and friends and got to enjoy cigars with some of my closest friends, my father, and my brother-in-law; truly a great The second third began a few minutes ago almost 45 minutes into the cigar.


The Elencos has the same exact blend as the Edicion Limitada and is available in three Today we have another guest review from our buddy Tony; he has previously reviewed with us and does an excellent job! As both a player and Another review of a new Pepin cigar!

Posted by Toasted on May 11, in Reviews 3 comments. Posted by Toasted on Jan 14, in Reviews 2 comments. Posted by Toasted on Jul 25, in Reviews 0 comments. Posted by Jonathan David on Jan 28, in Reviews 0 comments.

Strangely, the cigar is not shown on the My Father web site. Cigars like the Ashton Connecticut and Rocky Patel Vintage are essentially the cigars that launched a thousand Tatuaje smokers. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Tabacos Baez Serie H is a very slow smoking cigar. The H-Town was made I had seen this St.

Dominican San Vincente Filler:

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