I’m so pleased with this episode, Javabeans! I mean, they watch the same scenes and formed different opinions with it. Learn how your comment data is processed. He watches as Jung Woo drives Soo Yeon away. I could have rooted for him if this was his only mistake. So far, I think Zoe is the best written and acted character in here.

The two men shake hands and Hyung Joon gives his name as Harry. She actually need friends, family, and the whole shebang. I disagree almost everything of her recaps since it is very strong or negative but for the first time I agree. All he does all day long is mope about how much guilt he has. Their both playing a game where their circling around each other and it hurts them BOTH. I knew YEH was perfect for it. She reminds him of his blind dates, how Han Gyul kissed Eun Chan in exuberance. Anyway, I wanted to go ahead and cosign on this reply.

I recapped every scene. I know what Jung Woo needs. After, manhandling her and using the episove umbrella kind of like a weapon whether that was his intention or not, to bring back an artifact of a bittersweet past and literally shove it in her is akin to striking her with a blunt object ; he goes on to ask his sister how LSY would feel right now about him. Love the music too, one dranaload the best OSTs I’ve heard so far.

He was very good at convincing her that JW abandoned her. He must have expected her to welcome him running into his protective arms and be happy as a bee but NOOOO who is this woman trying to torment?

He always calls her “My Chan” SY mum,and even the detectives are doing their part well enough. That irked me the most.


Dramas-Subeng: Coffee Prince

But its still really hot. I either have to love it or hate it because you are so opinionated, but you sure have created a heated discussion. Rule of thumb in melodrama.

While playing Go Stop, Eun Chan sees grandmother and grandson conspiring, and accuses them of scamming. I love Dramaloae and Zoe relationship it what makes the drama feel good. I really do not blame JW for leaving that warehouse. It was Hyung Joon who held her hand and made her wake up. When lrince fearfully rejects a kiss and he backs the fuck off immediately and says he can wait however long she wants.

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Plus there was that evidence of the murderer wearing shoes too big for her size. Now I am starting to lose my sympathy for him. Apparently others are also trying to track the music behind Coffee Prince: I really enjoy your summaries and especially the personal comments you include. So maybe instead of writing I should have my parents bank me to produce my own single. That was totally irksome. I love the fact that HJ seems much calmer than JW and smarter.

Someone else might feel it is, and I can understand that.

Missing You Episode 8 Recap

Like in the episode when he tapped the cane, what is she a freaking dog or something. Most viewers are women. The second time he left her he was shocked by what happened to her and afraid for his life, it was seriously all too intense, it was a split second bad decision he made to run for it, but my gosh, it was a human dramlaoad that we should not punish JW for for his whole life.


In the scene here she tells JW that Harry is the one who was there for her made two things for me: I keep wantin more!!!

That freaks her out, and seeing her reaction, Min Yub bursts in and goes overboard in retaliating against her attackers. Jung Woo says today they can eat, tomorrow they can shop, they can do anything they want together. Even if that bars anything romantic and they both clearly feel something romantic. Your email address will not be published. Their relationship is a dysfunctional one too, but it works and it was genuine.

Alone in the dressing room, she wipes away angry tears:. I felt the same way. Hopefully in the next episode she will show him in a better light where he will protect her or something. Love is another issue, I’m talking about arousal I feel that on some level, Han Gyul “senses” that Eun Chan is a girl, and that’s why he’s able to be “aroused” by her.

JW has so much negetive baggage and he has to make the audience love him despite it. Not only here but also in some other blog.

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