Roy decided to stay away from the usual concept and make his elf less humanoid and more simian, with a huge cranium to reflect the rune of Psychic Powers. He chose Regeneration and is using a skin texturing technique that makes it look like his elf’s skin is molting. Laney is deeply homesick and her head is not entirely in the game. Hemlock Grove Season 1 Episode 9. After a tense moment with Roy and Miranda, they announce that no one will go home. Browsing All Articles 40 Articles. Skip to main content.

Good thing she knows something about a good paint job! Laura is a dark elf fanatic and feels fairly confident going into the challenge. Tate gives her a pep talk to keep her spirits up before they meet McKenzie to find out about their next challenge. Now a suspect, Peter joins Roman to find the Killer. E10 The Laughing Dead. She is certain she’ll be going home tonight.

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He and Miranda wind up on the bottom. Although it’s a solid character with a paint job that’s a step up from his usual work, the judges feel he stepped too far outside of the parameters of the challenge. Close Browser Update Message. It’s definitely the farthest behind she’s ever been, and if anything goes awry, she may not have anything to show the judges. After a tense moment with Roy and Miranda, they announce that no one will go home.

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Pryce is futher revealed, Destiny helps Peter understand the recent murder and the gala at the Tower goes awry. Laura is a dark elf fanatic and feels fairly confident going into the challenge. Roman confronts Peter at the crime scene, finding command.

The judges also take apart the work done by RJ, Eric, fae Frank for being wildly disproportionate, and apply the same critique to Tolin and Eddie’s ogre, but with the added concern that the head sculpt is rudimentary. Hemlock Grove Season 1 Episode 12snake. Though he’s sad he won’t get to showcase more of his work, he accepts the decision gracefully and maintains his knowledge that his life is in special effects makeup.


McKenzie meets the contestants against a backdrop of megaliths spisode tell them they’ll be creating dark elves based on Norse runes in this week’s Spotlight Challenge. Now a suspect, Peter joins Roman to find the Killer.

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Tate is shaken up by Laney’s departure and has to struggle to bring his focus back to his own work. After two hours of lightning-fast work, Catherine is most impressed with Tate’s witchy princess with a poison locket replacing her heart, Laura’s underworld queen, and Roy’s caricatured military man.

The oldies and the newbies arrive at the loft and it’s a stunner. Adolfo hits a major snag when he tries to open his mold too soon and it takes on a huge crack. Vace and Roy find themselves in bottom looks and though they bear themselves well, the fear of going home is apparent on both of their faces. But the newcomers are not in bad shape, delegating work and helping each other out when they can.

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Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site. The judges found Tate’s weaving of his rune – immortality – into the regenerative aspect of his makeup to be genius.

Claim or contact us about this channel. In a sense, she eliminated herself, but they are hesitant to let a substandard makeup progress onto the next round.

This team challenge is veterans against newbies, and if there’s one thing the vets have learned, it’s not to get distracted by what the competition is doing. When she sees other people’s non-traditional approaches to the concept, a sliver of doubt creeps in. Although she enlists her model to help facr everything – cleaning out the mold, painting his own videogull, drying pieces with a hair dryer – she’s still behind when she gets to last looks, and the piece she sends onstage isn’t even painted completely.


The judges place her in top looks for her excellent videobul and technical virtuosity. Laura impressed the judges with her blind witch by doing not only an amazing paint job as is characteristic but also executing some bold design ideas with molting horns and fingers coming out of the witch’s spine.

Christina discovers a new victim and Sheriff Sworn gets outside help from Dr. Close Search Search Type to Search. Sason incredibly homesick and feeling her passion to stay in the competition wane with every moment. Hemlock Grove Season 1 Episode 2. A weakened Roman emerges from his coma and reunites with Peter to stop the killer.

Skip to main content. The contestants must choose blindly from several runes that will influence this week’s makeup, only finding out the meaning of their runes after they choose.

Fideobull Grove Season 1 Episode 8. Westmore stands in front of several monoliths and tells them that they’ll be creating dark elves based on the Norse runes written on the stones behind her.

Tate created an ambitious piece, as usual, but is clipping along with his work at a good pace.

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