Shocked, Stewie asks why he is so unhappy, and Brian notes it is because his life has no purpose. Cast members Guest stars Writers Awards. TV by the Numbers. The showrunners for the eighth season were Hentemann and Callaghan, who replaced Goodman and Sheridan, following the conclusion of the seventh production season. Production for the eighth season began in , during the airing of the seventh season. Two other episodes were released independently on DVD. The dog version of Stewie explains that he has developed his own remote control. The Untold Story Live in Vegas.

There, she meets Brian, and after several drinks, Brian sleeps with Ida which drives Quagmire into rage. Brian wakes up in the middle of the night and opens a bottle of scotch. Peter decides to have dinner with her, where she tries to seduce him, threatening to kill herself if he refuses sex. December 13, [63]. Eps 13 Family Guy – Season Episodes of the eighth season were nominated for and won several awards. During the ensuing fight Aykroyd plants a homing beacon on West’s leg. The Humane Society of the United States.

They see how well the new family treats her and Quagmire decides that she belongs there. The remaining episodes of the seventh season and the first eight episodes guu the eighth season were released on DVD as Volume Eight by 20th Century Fox in the United States and Canada on June 15, The people of Quahog are misled into believing that a black hole will suck up the entire planet in just 24 hours, and all life on Earth will be destroyed.

As it vuy out, the monkey discovered his wife had committed Adultery one night resulting in divorce.

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Eventually, Angela invites Peter over to her house under the guise of working on a “project” leading Peter to quickly deduce she intends to have sex with him. In his excitement, Carter ends up having a heart attack and falls into a coma.

In defiance of Lois, Brian has Peter perform a cold reading on a passerby, to demonstrate that psychic readings are purely an act. Later, Brian bumps into the family and is ridiculed, and Lois invites Rita to dinner with the intention of getting her to reveal her age.


When Peter introduces Jerome to Lois, she reveals that the two used to date. By the time the four find West, they watch him launch a missile aimed for the United States, but Aykroyd is able to hack into the missile’s guidance system, allowing him to aim the warhead high above the atmosphere where it harmlessly explodes.

Upset that Cleveland left Quahog, Peter, Joe and Quagmire decide to interview people to fill the vacancy, and are approached by Jerome. June 15, [65]. Stewie learns that Miley Cyrus will be hosting a concert in Quahog, but tickets to the show sold out in mere seconds.

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Peter discovers a lump on Lois’ breast, and the two go to the hospital to have it tested. The baby is Quagmire’s illegitimate daughter. As time goes on, Peter cannot contain his jealousy and eventually kicks him out. Human Brian, regular Brian, and dog Stewie go to the pound, free Stewie, and both regular Stewie and regular Brian famkly sent back to subittles universe.

When he accidentally wakes up Stewie, they share the scotch.

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Luke arrives at Cloud City and engages Vader in a lightsaber duel. Based on a short story by: Peter must bond with the kids in order to win their hearts back before the family tears apart. Infuriated with his family, Brian goes to console Rita, and proposes marriage. Worse, Peter reveals his secret that he hated being around the kids just before the event was called off as a prank at the point where everyone would “accept their fate.

Family Guy ‘s eighth season first aired on the Fox network in twenty-one episodes from September 27,to May 23,before being released as two DVD box sets and in syndication. The group, along with Cleveland, then set out on the road and are attacked, captured, and thrown on a plane. Revealing he heard it from Quagmire, Peter questions where Quagmire heard the joke and eventually finds that the joke originated with a Virginia bartender.


Peter becomes a paparazzoand begins recording local celebrities, including Ollie Williamswho breaks Peter’s glasses.

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Legendary Defender – Season 6. At Quagmire’s home, he tells Ida that he cannot deal with the change. The surgery is a success, and Dan emerges as “Ida. He is taken to the top of a skyscraper, so Peter recruits Quagmire to shoot her down in a biplane and save the monkey.

Deeply angered, Lois and the rest of the family decide to gut out and leave Peter.

Later that night, Rita accidentally breaks her hip, and Peter warns Brian that the relationship will not last much longer now that Brian must run errands. Carter and Lois decide to trick Peter into surrendering the company by scaring him into believing a swamp monster will eat him, causing Peter to agree. Eps 13 Family Guy – Season Peter then fires the entire board of directorsand creates several ridiculous items. Lois becomes obsessed with the psychic, to the annoyance of a skeptical Brian.

Jesus then appears and settles the couple’s disputes.

In a minor subplot, Quagmire learns about internet porn and gains large muscles after masturbating to it. Stewie then subtitless one for Brian, and the clones perform all of their chores. Several new characters were introduced in season eight. Peter stalls for time during the search, “summoning” the ghost of Lou Costello and doing the “Who’s on First?

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