When Heini returns to his home singing one of the Hitler Youth songs, his father beats him and signs him up to become a member of the Communist Party. The film’s message is characterised by its final words, ” The flag means more than death “. Produced in , just months after Hitler’s ascension to power, Hitlerjunge Quex drew from the real-life story of Herbert Norkus, a Hitler Youth killed by communist street-fighters in It was wonderful mother. They sing patriotic songs, listen to speeches, and shout in unison their support for an “awakened Germany”. Hans-Otto Borgmann Baldur von Schirach.

The Eternal Jew Jurgen Ohlssen plays Heinie Volker who is being apprenticed to the trade of printer and he comes from parents who are Communist in their political sympathies. The year is – the depth of the Great Depression. The film allows some sympathy for communists. Heini wants nothing to do with the Communists, but he overhears some of them talking, and informs the Hitler Youth that the Communists are planning to ambush them during a march using guns and dynamite. But then again it’s what makes it more affective. He who wears such a uniform does not have desires of his own anymore, he has only to obey. Add the first question.

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The book celebrates and chronicles over oneā€¦. Quex’s father, though violent and drunk, has become a communist because of his, and the workers’, desperate condition. Nazi Germany was one of the most patriarchal societies ever created on Earth.

Meals are served by cutting hunks from loaves of bread and throwing them to hungry campers who push to get something to eat.


If you remember in The Young Lions, Marlon Brando’s character discusses how Hitler has promised to do away with the class system so prevalent in Europe. This section needs expansion. Der Hitlerjunge Quex by K.

I need a shower. Heini is so enraptured that he starts to practice marching before reluctantly returning to the Communist camp. But then again it’s what makes it more affective. Quex dies in the arms of his comrades in the Hitler Youth, and posthumously becomes a hero to the Nazi movement.

I watched this and then read Bateson’s quite interesting analysis, originally written infrom the standpoint of an anthropological and psychological account which tries to understand the self-presentation of Nazism for the purpose of thinking about how the soon-to-be-victorious United Nations might deal with postwar, defeated Germany.

Hitlerjunge Quex is now classified in Germany as a Vorbehaltsfilm conditional filmmeaning it is illegal to show it outside of closed educational events guided by an expert.

Hitlerjunge Quex (Hitler Youth Quex) DVD

It follows his childhood to the death of his mother and his broken ambition to become an artist, Kind of refreshing in a way, even if it’s so so wrong. How Heini resolves this quandry is the story of Hitlerjunge Quex, a movie that became central to the moral instruction of young Germans throughout the Nazi years.

After some hesitation, the Hitler Youth leadership decides to believe the warning and thus save their members from the ambush. Triumph of the Will Indeed, its bracing realism owes a strong debt to Germany’s left-wing proletarian theater movement – an impression underscored by the several prominent leftist or formerly so actors featured here.


Heini’s father, a German Army veteran of the Great War, is an out-of-work supporter of the Communist Party who sends his son on a weekend of camping with the Communist Youth Group. You can help by adding to it. Everyone knows what it hitleejunge – death is singing here.

Heini wants nothing to do with the Communists, but he overhears some of them talking, and informs the Hitler Youth that iflm Communists are planning to ambush them during a march using guns and dynamite. Hitlerjunge Quex is the first official Nazi propaganda film, or at least the first successful one.

Krankenschwester nurse Hermann Braun They don’t recognise the words, but they know the melody. Viewed with a critical eye about its purposes, it holds up very well for examination today. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. No, I was with the others.

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Her film recounts the It is a historical document most of all. Both the novel and film are based on the real story of Herbert Norkus ‘ life. Add the first question.

He beats on his wife and rags his son to join the Young Communist League. The film strictly concerned with the Communist menace.

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