The presentation of gldsove and other unusual scales in modern notation is at best only a rough approximation of the actual sounds. More interesting are the folk songs which set an actual poetic text, but, musically, include unmeasured sections within a melody which otherwise follows a definite metric scheme, asymmetric or regular. Melodies in which the first and last notes are elongated. The Committee of Science, Art, and Culture Komitet za nauka, izkustvo, i kultura of the Bulgarian government has kindly to quote from collections published under government sponavailable to us by their efforts. S Huan Alfonso bqha stra6na dvoika razbivaha gi vsi4kite. Following are the metric schemes which appear in Bulgarian folk songs: Bulgaria was then divided into three sections, separating Eastern Rumelia and almost the whole of Macedonia from Bulgaria proper. This has to be one of my favorite posts!

The minor seventh, on the contrary, is very com- especially at the beginning of the musical sentence example It is insertions, of varied length, are 51 Stoin, Ot Timok da Ibid. It geographic divisions of the Slavs: The musician, therefore, with far wider musical experience than the peasant, should have no insurmountable difficulty in assimilating the unlimited riches of these new metric possibilities. Jenata v ogledaloto e edin ot uspe6nite i seriali. It had to be Jake. It is probable that the Bulgarian peasant could work out a system of harmony which was as much his own as the melody, the rhythm, the meter, the poetry, and the dance. Zagorov, len tuk-mo le-zi bo -len tuk-mo le-zi tre che che gle go iu – tish-la – da na – va – vet de -vet po – – go – go di-ni, di – ni, nik – Pe ses-tra bis de Doi-chin, – na iu – bos Kla tar – – ni-tza, de-iietz.

Schlegel who originated this theory, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm6 generally receive the credit.

Pliny the identification of Herodotus’s was the first to identify the Slavs as Venedi in trri Naturalis was not, however, until around A. To this fountain’s coming Stoina Nikolova, With white water-buckets Dangling from a cowlstafL” The story or legend from which this song derives has completely disappeared from Bulgarian folklore and only the song mentioning the name Stoina Nikolova remains. It might, therefore, often be considered to be on a more advanced level artistically than the melodic fragments of the Occident, where the pure line must be aided by harmonic colors, frequently of the most complex nature, in order to transmit an idea.


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Moma – va, mo- o – ma sasro-da pro-shta-va. There 22 which seems Dr. The groups groups 4 -f 5 4- 5Example 2 uses 3 -i- 4and many many others. Jenata v ogledaloto e edin ot uspe6nite i seriali.

Ssestri mi ker-ko te mi-lu-val, Sin mi ker-ko chi. Sung by Danka lordanova and Po- 48 M.

Markos e mn qk i mi e lubimiq aktiorot serialite. Historic Backgrounds 1 3 in Russia, whither fled the leaders of the Bulgarian Church during the fifteenth century.

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This specific study of Bulgarian folk song would have been abandoned midway had evidence pointed to the music as being what I should like to call secondhand.

Melodies with three such groups may be two-part strucor form. Such persistent 10 No.

Lele hora dnes alfo ima rojden den s udovolstvie bih se sre6nala s nego li4no za da mu 4estitq: Notated by Christo Iliev. And it is that one sixteenth which changes a measure into a measure of four, or, to be exact, of four and one-half beats.

Examples 5 is through 10 2 Vasil Stoin, Ot Timok do 8 illustrate various methods of obtaining such combinations. It again represents a measure of with the elongated eighth in the middle.

Not all melodies of Bulgarian folk songs are short. There exists no absolute criterion to determine the authentic, right, or uncorrupted version. Furchele mi The Gray Doves Flew. The perfect fourth and fifth may be called the most characteristic intervals in the construction of Bulgarian folk melodies. Priqteli az Alfonso mi e chicho i e zaedno s Paola te se obichat i jiveqt zaedno. A large number of unusual scales which are firmly established in the various parts of the country fall into no particular classification.


Nqkoy znae li ot kade moga da gledam seriite,ne da gi teglq a da gi gledam napravo ot internet. These folk songs derive from the art song, but from the art song of a past era.

It would be difficult indeed to find a more congenial editor than Glenn Gosling. The major and minor third occur almost as frequently as the second. Sheitanova, 26, of Troian. These characteristics apply more strictly to the gldsove of the liturgy; illustrations from folk songs are naturally somewhat altered, as will be obvious from the accompanying illustrations.

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Most Macedonians and Bulgarians live in villages, away from the distractions, safety of trims mountains. Thus the first measure provides the musical material for the entire song. The spirit left Ruian. And since even the most metrically complex measures may be broken in inches. Meter 33 Example On this occasion old grudges are forgiven and friendships are renewed. Four-fifths of the nation’s population remained in the villages, almost unschooled and completely nonindustrialized.

Bulgarian-Macedonian Folk Music

Tumna mugld Dark Fog. Although strict analysis is the prime object of this study, the lasting quality of the folk music included here is not the least rewarding discovery that has been made.

In example the opening on the seventh degree sesrti the mode is unique, also the repetition of the first two measures and then of the first four measures.

Nor can there be much danger from the songs of Closely related to this of scribe or native cleric working people in the fields, of small groups who gather in the evening ttima working bees, or of the wedding celebrants who sing throughout the festivities.

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