He played his part well. Do you know where I can get the full songs of both the theme and ending theme? Is it just me or does it always seem like Irene’s characters are always the same? Never thought she had the acting chop. Posted by Jadedreams at 7: He was such a player but he was really good looking in this series. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. It has a nice flow to the end, considering they started with introduction of each of the main characters and then ending it with all three of them together.

For some reason, it was often repeated on cable so when I was younger so I always watch it whenever I see it on. All these wives are vying for Xi Men Hing ‘s affection for power or love, but because Ping Yee isn’t vying for his affections because she cares for him or needs the power, the audience gets a better image of these other wives in the household. The character and actions of Poon Kum Lien seems very similar to the one in the novel, so I would say her depiction in Gentle Reflections is probably the one that stays true to the novel the most. She stressed she had few pretty roles, and does not mind playing ugly roles. I think she would pull the role off well. Costume-wise, the clothes the actresses wore were all very beautiful and colorful, and yet quite representative of their characters.

Personally, I liked how TVB changed her character so that the audience could see a different perspective within the Xi Men residence. The themesong was sang by Irene Wan, the main actress who played Poon Kum Lienand the song sounds really beautiful and also quite poetic. Perhaps, it’s a person taste, I find her acting is convincing. Kenix also has beauty along with poise reglections elegance which makes the character Ping Yee believable when she portrays someone with no motives in the Xi Men household while in reality being the silent, but intelligent and calculative type of women.


It is no wonder she was able to captured the hearts of three men within the series! It was also the first serie I began to like Gehtle Kwok.

I think she would pull the role off well. He played his part well. Ping Yee possessed some conscience compared to the other wives in the family with regards to scheming.

If you want to read more about this novel which Gentle Reflection is loosely based on, here is the Wiki Link: LOL at the “off shoulder” comment. That’s why you see it in all her dramas, movies, pictures.

Even to this day, I have not seen another ancient TVB themevideo that is as comparably as ancient and stunning. The animated paintings of the main female characters as they gradually turned to show their faces and smile, are also very beautifully created and considerably modern for the 90s.

However, I never got the gist that she was evil to the core. After watching her play the ‘sexy vixen’ in series after series, it started to get boring after awhile and I find it funny how she always manages to wear her outfit ‘off shoulder’ in like every single series, whether it’s a modern series or a costume drama Within this serie, the only male-female relationship I enjoyed watching was Ping Yee ‘s relationship with her husband played by Patrick Tam, which was very enduring to watch.

I always thought it was the best themevideo TVB made because of the beginning with the Chinese words flowing down behind the paintings of the main female characters like it’s about to introduce a Chinese novel.

I guess in doing so, we have three sides of the spectrum in this serie She greatly praised Fala for having style.

Hopefully they would release it on DVD later on. Costume-wise, the clothes the actresses wore were all very beautiful and colorful, and yet quite representative of their characters.

Edited by nomad11 April – At the vtb of the themevideo, they showed all three main characters together casually relaxing. She’s still so pretty n hot for her age. Definitely won’t mind seeing her again in TVB dramas.


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Then again, she may have improved – my comments are based on when Irene Wan was still acting in HK dramas 90s. I wouldn’t mind watching old faces again. Several functions may not work. Jin Ping Meiand a comics version: I think Irene did a good job portraying Kum Lienand sometimes I do pity her character in the serie because all the men she cared for loved Ping Yee more, and Ping Yee was treated better even after she married into the Xi Men residence.

The character Chun Mui was also suppose to be another concubine who rise to power within the household in the novel, but seires was written to be a pure-hearted girl in the TVB serie. I’ve forgotten my password.

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I even liked her when she vowed revenge on Xi Men Hing and became his reflectoins. I agree with you Since the serie focused more on the rivalry between Poon Kum Lien and Li Ping Yeeand there was almost next to none with Chun Muiit’s understandable her name was left off the title.

I never felt Irene could act. She did have potential when she first broke out I think as a troubled teen type – the ‘fishball mui’ role, where she played one of the bold rebel teens, if I remembber correctly. If she does really go back to TVB, will she request for a fixed time to rest? deflections

Irene Wan Pik Han Lyrics by: Along with the song, it just automatically captivates your attention. That’s her “signature look”, supposedly because she thinks that her shoulders are her best features.

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