By Upper East Side Team, http: Dan visits his mother over spring break, and when he returns, Jenny is on the verge of becoming a full-fledged member of the A-List crowd. Gossip Girl2x23The Wrath of Con. Everyone agrees to not say anything, but this creates major problems between Serena and Dan. Gossip Girl – 06×04 – Portait of a Lady Alexander. Gossip GirlSecond Season Complete. Meanwhile, Dan struggles to tell Serena those three special words.

Serena’s grandmother announces that Serena has to go to Debutante Ball. Jenny finds herself having to make the decision of either attending her mother’s art opening or following her dreams to the Debutante Ball, even though her parents don’t want her to go. Gossip Girl3x13The Hurt Locket. Taylor Momsen Jenny Humphrey. Jenny develops a crush on a dog-walker, Asher Hornsby, who might be her ticket to permanent popularity. Finally, Nate’s parents ask him to make a huge sacrifice to save his father’s business. At the masked ball, Blair sends Nate on a scavenger hunt, but Nate is distracted by his feelings for Serena.

Gossip Girl04x20The Princesses and the Frog.

Gossip Girl – 06×03 – Dirty Rotten Scandals. Gossip Girl3x01Reversals of Fortune. Gossip Girl2x15Gone with the Will. Meanwhile, Lily finds out that Erik is missing from the treatment center, and she finds herself seeking help from her ex-boyfriend, Rufus.


Gossip Girl S01E15 – Desperately Seeking Serena – video dailymotion

Gossip Girl04x07War at the Roses. Serena tries to confront Georgina, but she leaves before Serena has a chance. Serena and Dan finally accept that they are crazy about each other, despite that they come from polar opposite worlds. Gossip Girl SE02 E Of course, on the Upper East Side, the truth is often even juicier and more scandalous than the gossip. Blake Lively Serena van der Woodsen. Gossip Girl2x10Bonfire of the Vanity.

After Georgina reveals the true reason Serena left Manhattan, Serena goes back into her old habits. Gossip Girl2x23The Wrath of Con.

Blair plans to go somewhere with Chuck. Blair gets excited when hossip mother, Eleanor, chooses her to be the new face of her clothing line.

“Gossip Girl” Woman on the Verge subtitles English

Gossip Girl06x01Gone Maybe Gone. Also, Nate and Chuck do a boys weekend to blow off steam after Ivy Week ends. Penn Badgley Dan Humphrey. Gossip Girl Season 1 [Trailer]. Gossip Girl S2 E3. Jenny develops a crush on a dog-walker, Asher Hornsby, who might be her ticket to permanent popularity.

Dan finds himself between two girls when his childhood friend, Vanessa, returns to N.

Georgina is sent somewhere where she can do no harm. Kelly Rutherford Lily van der Woodsen. Nate spends the holiday with his family, but their awkward dinner quickly goes from bad to worse.


DramaRomance Countries: Extracted from another site. By Upper East Side Team, http: Finally, Blair is devastated by Nate’s actions when Jenny reveals that Nate kissed her by accident thinking she was Serena. Gossip Girl05x09Rhodes to Perdition. Ed Westwick Chuck Bass. Jenny and Vanessa help Serena get the best 0s1e17 present ever for Dan, who has a surprise of his own for Serena.

Gossip Girl – Season 1

Dan invites Serena and her family to spend the holiday with his family, creating an uncomfortable situation for Rufus and Lily.

Nate finds out about Blair and Chuck’s affair.

Blair is feeling heartbroken and guilty by the current state of her relationship with Nate and her recent indiscretion. Chace Crawford Nate Archibald.

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