For ten years, the teacher of this class has been waiting for new, rewritten manuals. This time would like to round it up so that we can begin putting the publication together and get it printed by the incredible Extrapool People Print Fraction Knust in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Excerpt from “Double Exposures: I believe that what yuri has been doing is to show a new dimension to the conversation between objects and people. How to Inform Without Informing”. The reading will be held in German. If you would like to participate in this workshop, please bring the following:

Contrary to most exhibitions, Pursue Other Avenues will not be pure documentation of prior actions, discussions, or collaborations, but the exhibition will be the discourse and connections as they are created. Friday May 8th We encourage you to print it, put it up, send it to a friend. This journey through a cinematic night probes the very essence of the cinematic image. Finally, other potential avenues for critique as rhetorical stance and praxis are evaluated through case studies. One of the works featured in the exhibition is an edition of Bulletins of the Serving Library by Dexter Sinister — i. Beat Wyss Text 1: Christian Marazzi “Starting from Work,” in id.

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Was sich durchsetzt, bestimmten die TeilnehmerInnen selbst. Neither philosophy, nor art, the Aesthetics of Differends looks to corrupt classical formats by the experimental use of theory. Wall-E and the Management of Human Finitude. To create public discussions hackteria invites international artists, tinkerers and scientists for critical and theoretical discourse.

After the day they spend together, Lena has to take the train back into the East, or she would be arrested. My Body Is Yours: Thursday June 23 Man kann dies einfach konstatieren oder wieder polemisch formulieren: Despite its rare view of everyday socialism from a woman’s perspective, East German officials were critical of this frank portrayal of grejzgang less-than-ideal socialist citizen and turned down all invitations for the film to be screened abroad.

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Each participant has been given a position opposing or defending the motion, and each grenzgajg five minutes to argue their case uninterrupted.


Her short experimental videos have been shown at many festivals and galleries including: Vielleicht sollte neu, nebst Industrie- oder Landwirtschaftszonen, auch Kulturzonen geschaffen werden. Thursday July 7 Inhaltlich nimmt einem Barry in seinen Gedichten auf kleine, grosse Reisen mit, surreale Begegnungen mit dem Nachbarn, einem Hasen oder dem Zorn Rena Yazka ist die eigentliche Queen der Kreativen, glaubt, nur das zu tun, was sie auch tun will.

I sift through the past and piece it together with the present. While in the house, he muses incessantly on death before being interrupted by a bee infestation, which forces him to call a fumigation company called “Killo.

Eigentlich bestand sie bereits seit deren Kindheit. How did we get here and grenzganb can we do? My last novel is called Rose of No Man’s Land and is about a teenage genderqueer loner who gets mixed up with a speed freak mall rat and falls in love. Wohin verschwinden die alten politischen Konnotationen in der postfaschistischen Gesellschaft? And we don’t just mean babies, O. Rhiannon will make you giggle and gasp with tales of squalor and splendor! Sie lebt und arbeitet als Sozialarbeiterin im Sozialraum Langstrasse und ist Mitglied des Kollektivs stadtlabor, welches Wohn- und Stadtentwicklungsfragen thematisiert.

Anspruchsvoller Journalismus, Fotografie und Gestaltung werden durch ein kleines Team realisiert.

Femininity will be revered. Es folgte ein Massaker an den Studierenden und eine Verhaftungswelle. His barely paid-for truck has been stolen, and credit collectors are after him. In a sense, I am more interested in the mantra because unlike the mandala fllm yantra forms which are full of such symbols, the mantra is often nearly pure nonsense — yet it has intense potency psychologically, aesthetically and physiologically.

What practical and political responses are there? Thursday July 6 She will be presenting an experimental and musical lecture about the nature of Emotional Imperialism. Friday June 1st Come be Loud with us! Through slide show presentations of both shows, Olga will offer her take on what worked and what didn’t.

Please compose a sincere letter of request to Mysti: At the same time they are forced to live in refugee homes or camps, that are often at the edge or outside of regular settlement areas. The workshop will be held in English and is strictly limited to 15 participants.


However, this artistic production is extremely heterogeneous, encompassing the spectacular works of Eduardo Kac and SymbioticA, the thought-provoking ones of Paul Vanouse and the Critical Art Ensemble, or again the participative and performative activities of Hackteria, for instance. Let’s celebrate her life! Exit Through the Gift Shop follows an eccentric shop-keeper turned amateur film-maker as he attempts to capture many of the world’s most infamous vandals on camera, only to have a British stencil artist named Banksy turn the camcorder back on its owner with wildly unexpected results.

Inhlat Sartorius spielt live aus seinem Beat Diary. Zet asked to hand in Thilo Sarrazin’s book “Deutschland schafft sich ab”. Sing along, enjoy some cold drinks and snacks, connect and and burn some before and after pics. It is both an anachorism and an anachronism.

Each scenario discloses securitized spaces inhalh which reader and audience already reside, for we encounter the material doubles of our virtual subjectivities as data stored in server form.

Homo Sapiens Project are highly experimental works, part cryptic film diaries and part impressionistic portraits of places and people, and often suffused with an eerie sense of mystery reminiscent of horror cinema.

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Without this counterpart, a book is no more than some paper and ink. Und dann kam die Krise. This time would like to round it filn so that we can begin putting the publication together and get it printed by the incredible Extrapool People Print Fraction Knust in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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