Having recently purchased the HC Whites, I was very disappointed. The mail man delivered my box to the neighbor on Thursday and our neighbor said nothing. The ash goes-on for ever. We will buy them again and again. It is oily but has more of satin look. I am a novice when it comes to the cigar world. The flavor was Just right never harsh. It was a bit moist, re-lit one time.

The cigar finishes out nicely with me hallucinating. Not bad for the money. I enjoyed it very much. Great cigar for golf and fishing. The flavor was good and the ash was almost perfect. Nice even burn, med to full body. Not a cigar that’s going to blow your mind but one that you will enjoy non the less. The length of the seven-inch stick is firm and well-rolled with no soft spots.

Good stuff usually at fair price!

There were about 4 that the caps were exploded due to the fact that I live in Michigan and they were frozen for 8 days! Great smoke; great taste; great value. These have an excellent balance of maduro and spice. My buddy said these sticks only had a couple weeks humidor time.

An excellent smoke for the money. If i good give this cigar 0 stars I would.

I begin the halfway point. Should have left them in my humidor for a couple of weeks and I think they would have been better. Initially I was going to return them, but had a change of heart. Before this stick, J. Equipped with complexity and balance, this is a blend you are going to want to come across. I would not purchase again due to the fact that I want to enjoy my cigar and relax, not constantly play with it to smoke it.


They were a bit stong for my taste but I should have known that from the description given on the web page. And my business partner and I smoke the hell out of them too. I have had pretty consistent burn issues as well and am constantly having to touch these up. H would recommend it. Black is well-constructed, lights easily and stays lit, draws easily while producing billowing clouds of white smoke that exude a mellow aroma.

Had the 5×50 sticks,so got the 6×54 when they ran out. The burn was rdview little “wonky” as you would expect from a box-pressed Maduro. One of my faborite smokes.

Very mild to almost bland Wrapper tends to come apart at the crown. Less than half an inch smoked and it is on the verge of becoming a flavor bomb. The cigar is smooth and nice aroma, I wish the flavor would be richer and more prevalent. Oddly, the cigar is a slow smoker in spite of it feeling airy.

Good smoke for the money. I am dizzy and the laptop screen is moving like I just dropped acid. The pre-light aroma is thick with scents of cocoa, dark roast coffee, and black cherries. Uneven smoke that was dry and brittle on arrival. Same as earlier listed but big and bold. As complimentary to dry scotch as it is to sweet applejack. The last time I chewed on a sugar cane stalk, I was Had a few burn a little uneven but still worth the money.

Xikar HC Series Habano² | Cigar Review

Full body flavor and even burn. At under three bucks a stick, it makes a great everyday smoke. I jaduro thes cigars with an open mind. Smooth smoke will buy again. Some were a tough draw, some burned uneven but not a bad every day cigar for the price. All burned well, great price. I like them for an everyday smoke. No after-taste so easy on the tongue.


For what you pay you will be pleased to find the level of depth to this already long leaf cigar. Personally i get a light coffee flavor with a hint of cream, no spiciness. Perfect even burn, nice ash and a great flavor with a smooth finish. Overall good taste and smooth. Build quality was ok i wont order these again. Great construction and burn. They have a flavorful taste and good aroma for an inexpensive cigar.

HC Series Maduro2 – Cigars International

Very potent; yet the cocoa is very strong and pushes its way through the jalapeno mqduro in my lungs. Consistent burn and draw. Clean smoke that develops from a buttery toffee into a lightly peaty smoke, all wrapped up in a consistently lazily sultry oak-smoked earthiness. Definetly buy these again.

This stick is one of my golf course go to’s. I smack my bbelicoso like a dog that just got fed a teaspoon of peanut butter. Some runs on burns others burn crisp. Showing of Reviews Sort By Date:

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