As Viktor heads to a magical tower to mind control his clone army personally, Toru and the others fight their way to the tower so White Chaika can try destroy the tower. Meanwhile, Red Chaika’s companions reveal to Chaika that there are other girls named Chaika who are also claiming to be Emperor Arthur’s daughter. Dancing All Night The trio is soon attacked by Orthrus but is saved by a female knight. This page was last edited on 22 February , at The first season has been licensed for digital and home video release by Sentai Filmworks. So he allowed himself to be killed and his remains scattered while the Chaikas fought to get them so the dread and fear about him would spread throughout the continent. After saving her from a man-eating unicorn, Toru, along with his sister Akari, is hired by Chaika to gather the scattered remains of Arthur Gaz.

Layla, angered that Chaika has decided to continue her quest despite learning the truth, shoots Toru with a crossbow. March 17, [27]. After escaping him, Chaika explains that Abarth’s mansion is his Gundo which allows him manipulate any object within the mansion and the only way to stop it is to destroy its magic source. Chaika Trabant is taken captive by Red Chaika’s companions and both groups are forced to flee when the Gillett Corps arrives. Toru suggests that they ask Dominica to hand over Arthur’s remains peacefully before using force if that fails, but Chaika is reluctant since Dominica saved their lives and has been kind to them. Toru and comrades rescue Julia, for which she and her companions are grateful. As Arthur sits on the throne and grows older, he explains to Chaika the truth that she and her “sisters” were never really his real daughters as the Chaikas were based on his mistress who was killed by Stephan during the war which he uses as a basis for all of the Chaikas looks. After getting Arthur’s leg from the machine, the group leaves Simon in peace.

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Chaika tries to find clues of where the secret island hihsugi which dhaika finds a lead at the Evil Sea. They wait and eventually Toru stumbles into their barrier, freeing him from the influence of the magic. Toru and Chaika escape, Aevnging is impaled and Akari ejgsub captured. Toru and Akari find and defeat Clay, learning he’s been scared of Emperor Arthur after fighting him and Chaika since she was beheaded by the leader of the Eight Heroes, King Stephan Hartgen, so he gives up Arthur’s ears so he hs have to see Chaika or the remains again.

Back at their vehicle, Chaika reveals her true origins to Toru, Akari and Fredrika as well as her determination to continue her quest.


The Dragoon then reveals that Dominica died shortly after the war ended but due to their close bond, she was unable to forget her master. As gratitude, Chaika buys Toru fuol meal only for Toru’s sister, Akari, to show up and accuse him of slacking off.

October 20, [12]. Unfortunately, Chaika’s coffin is drawing unwanted attention, so Toru wraps it in cloth. Chaika Trabant is taken captive by Red Chaika’s companions and both groups are forced to flee when the Gillett Corps arrives. The next day, despite being unable to learn short incantations, Chaika insist on beating Claudia fair and square as she, Toru and Akari battle Claudia in their duel. May 20, [11]. The Chaikas were created and implanted with false memories of being Arthur’s daughter.

In season 2 their task switches to gathering the emperor’s remains. She kidnaps Chaika while Toru faces off against a mind-controlled Akari. Five years ago, the year-long war between the alliance of six nations and the Gaz Empire came to an end as Emperor Arthur Gaz was finally killed by eight warriors known as the Eight Heroes.

March 22, [34].

Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle Episode 9 English sub Preview – video dailymotion

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright: Meanwhile, Shin informs his master Stephan that all of Arthur’s remains will soon be arriving which Stephan avenginng his daughters Irina and Alina they will get to see it. As Chaika, Toru and Akari try to find a way to beat Claudia, elsewhere, Red Chaika and her group defeats another Hero, Glen Donkervoort, acquiring Arthur’s right arm and heading towards an island as suggested by their informant Guy.

However, one night, the convoy was attacked on bandits who killed the merchants. With no more magic bullets to use, Chaika uses her memories as magic fuel for Niva’s Cannon Gundo form where they finally kill Arthur and stopping his plans before Chaika loses conscious. Anime and Manga portal. Meanwhile, the Council of Six Nations decides to deal with a rebellion engskb Duke Gillard Gavarni who controls a floating fortress.

Toru and both Chaikas escape their captors which both girls decide to join forces to escape the island and rescue the blue haired girl, Niva Lada.

While Toru’s group searches for any shop still selling magic fuel, Toru tells Chaika about his childhood. Avenging Battle aired from October 8, to December 10, Vivi screams in grief and her hair and eyes turn white and purple, respectively.

Arriving at the valley, they notice episodee is filled with magic fog. Kadokawa Shoten in Japanese. During the end of the war, the Eight Heroes learn one of Arthur’s officials escape with Arthur’s hidden fortune and most of his magic research work to a secret island, and despite the Council attempts, they could not find the island or Arthur’s magic research.


Guy visits Alberic, whom latter is revealed to have lost his memories, that Guy rescued him because of the hatred in his heart. Eventually they find the item that Chaika is looking for, a severed left hand in a glass jar. Cornered by a mind-controlled Akari and the Duke’s men, Vivi and Zuita try to hold them off while Toru goes to rescue Chaika.

After saving her from a man-eating unicorn, Toru, along with his sister Akari, is hired by Batt,e to gather the scattered remains of Arthur Gaz. Akari and Fredrika sneak into the castle to steal the Stephan’s remains only to encounter a group of Chaika warriors led by Shin and captured.

As they leave town, Chaika wonders if she really is Chaika Gaz but Toru doesn’t care as what matters is that she’s real. Black Chaika gives birth to a boy resembling Guy but with Fayla bodyparts who reveals avenhing to be none other than Arthur Gaz himself. The trio is soon attacked by Orthrus but is saved by a female knight.

Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle Episode 9 English sub Preview

Meanwhile, with the Council now taking the Chaika threat more seriously, Konrad orders the Gillett Corps to continue their mission with Nikolai promoted episodw Captain of the Corps after Alberic’s death. After bribing her with food, Red Chaika reveals her name to be Chaika Bohdan, and also claims to be Emperor Arthur’s daughter. Over the course of the series, the group faces difficulties as each of the Eight Heroes has kept their share of the Emperor’s remains to harness its magic energy.

Eventually, Chaika manages to shorten her spell and defeat Claudia after the latter is distracted by Fredrika in her cat form.

However, her gundo xhaika not powerful enough to break the tower’s shield. Little they know that the twin Chaikas answer to a third one, who has her own agenda. Elsewhere, Layla leads Chaika to a room where she reveals that she knows who Chaika is.

Akari is brought before the wizard, Grad Lancia, and Ricardo, the Duke’s youngest son, who reveals that he killed his father and family himself. After giving Toru’s group episoxe location of the other Heroes, Claudia bids them farewell.

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