Cue token Evil Bitch who will either be redeemed at the end; or defeated by the magic talking dogs. The trio find the reindeer who are getting weak from lack of food, so Gus searches for Christmas food for their nourishment while Eli and Eddy track down Paws’ crystal, who is now at the orphanage where Quinn found him. Happy furnace feeds on your pain! For ease of understanding, my notes are in this font and explanations of the plot are in this font. They can all hear him talk, except for Will, who thanks to callous reasons like the death of her parents and her being stranded in this hellish orphanage , doesn’t “believe” in Christmas. Most Xtreme Primate Chestnut: Also, sidebar — why are dog wardens always evil in films? After a close-run defeat at Internet Scrabble recently, I had the misfortune to lose a game where the forfeit was for the loser to watch Santa Paws.

Because she hates Christmas! And now they dress him. Santa starts to cry because he’s lost his best friend – but wait! I figure the effects in this film cost three, four hundred dollars at least. After returning to the foster home, they are caught by Ms. Orphan-time now, and Generic Orphan introduces the group to Paws.

Their painstaking analysis of the material Huckle posted on the dark web helped put him behind bars for at least 25 years. Yes No Report this. There’s some mention of Mr Hucklebuckle having been an “Ambassador for the Santa Cause” here, but to my relief a combination of rum and time has helped erase sections of the plot.

How did Huckle get away with this for so long? Full Cast and Crew.

Full Cast & Crew

Just when I think this film’s hit rock-bottom Most Vertical Primate Air Bud: Gus takes Jimmy to the orphanage where Eli and Eddy went. This obviously necessitates turning the Santamobile because now it turns out they have a car as well as the sleigh – again, Santa Claus: So how the frick does a mugger hear the dog talk? However, Santa is so popular with the children, word of the store spreads and Santa makes the store very popular.


Kate and James bring Will and Quinn back to the orphanage and decide to adopt them, with them all finally getting the family they always wanted.

No wonder Madonna does it so often. Paws uses his magic crystal to decorate the place a bit better than he did with the cupboardput a Christmas tree in there, get toys, and put the girls in matching pretty dresses.

Wait, how have I not thought of this before: Did … did this film just get racist? Huckle ruthlessly exploited movis, abusing a two-year-old girl from a host family. Despite having his crystal back, Santa’s been without it for so long that he’s not getting better.

Then I attempted to take notes on my reactions to the film, whilst simultaneously numbing the pain with alcohol. Paws, meanwhile, has been sleeping under parked cars and is all alone and lost in the city. Josh has gone to college and his little sister Andrea enlists their dog Buddy in her baseball team just as Buddy’s puppies are kidnapped by Hucle the Raccoon.

At one point Paws sees a little person and thinks he’s an elf, which is kind of uncomfortable viewing in a lot of ways, and Paws follows the guy into the subway; when the guy freaks out because he’s getting pestered by a dog, Paws runs away.

Happy furnace feeds on your hucklle Eddy, without Santa’s magic crystal, he could become mortal.

The Search for Santa Paws – Wikipedia

Huckle also travelled to Cambodia, a notorious magnet for Western paedophiles. They hire Santa, who still has a memory loss and assumes his name is “Bud” likely due to Gus referring to him earlier. Do you feel represented by fashion? Paws uses his magic crystal to escape and then huckkle back to help the other dogs; who then believe that he’s really a friend of Santa and decide to help try and find him.

Huckle had travelled to Malaysia for his gap year, where he masqueraded as a devoted Christian and English teacher, accessing children through churches, schools, and orphanages. The Santa Pups was released on November bukcle, The Search for Santa Paws Video Hucckle your free trial. Newer Post Older Post Home. Robert VinceAnna McRoberts. This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat The communities targeted by Huckle feel such shame that for many it is still easier to pretend nothing ever happened than to acknowledge the truth.


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They vow to help him so they can get off the naughty list. Paws is lost, too; Santa’s not there when he returns with Evil Bitch’s hat and neither is Evil Bitch; clearly the hat didn’t mean that much to her and he can’t get anyone movid help him because hhuckle the people around him hear is a dog barking.

Miracle on Third Street Winnie the Pooh: Which store, by the by, now has stock in its window and is open for business. Using his crystal, bucklee helps save them which makes them believe he is Santa’s dog. Haggis voice Moovie Cobbs Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas’: Santa mourns over the loss of his best friend, which caused the magic to flow and turn Paws back into a full-grown dog named Santa Paws Mitchel Musso and Christmas is back on.

Treasure Buddies Video During the nine years Huckle was based in Asia, he made several return trips to the UK, including a significant amount of time in two churches in Britain. The next morning Will finds Quinn and Paws but cannot hear Paws speak since her Christmas spirit has subsided. I wanted to find out.

I would be shocked if there were no victims of Huckle’s in this country.

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Kate thanks Santa for bringing them all together before they depart. Still not making this up.

When the mugger hears Talking Terrier talking, he naturally immediately believes they’re from Santa, changes his ways instantly for some reason, and agrees to help find Santa and Paws. I mean seriously, world-wide?!

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