Sathya and Selvi escape to Chennai, but Pandiyan and a corrupt inspector come and trouble them. Without wasting any time, director Rahesh jumps straight into the story and tries to pack in as many thrills as possible. The film ends with Sathya opening a cable TV station and becoming successful. KP, according to Sify, ayan is supposed to be the 3rd highest grossing film behind Sivaji and Dasaavathaaram in Chennai. Dhruvva puts in a neat performance and gives the film what it needs on the baseline. September 2, at 6:

His Ayan was marketed explicitly well by Sun — they are capable of even making D sarathy or Maasilamani a hit. Ayan being the 3rd highest grossing film of all time ,which i doubt heavily…u mean to say that either of sivaji,dasavatharam,chandramukhi 60 crore is behind ayan????????? September 2, at 7: The final act of the film may be predictable, but that does not hinder the fact that it is watchable. With a few exceptions these actors have been in some really great movies. Divya Spandana was initially supposed to enact the role of a journalist, however the actress too dismissed the reports, lakshmi Rai then confirmed that she was offered the role.

September 1, at He even attempts using a different narrative style by jumping around with the timeline, and though it ilaklu be slightly confusing and has continuity issues, it is good to watch. Saravedi, I completely agree.

Sorry, if I offended anyone, but these are my opinions. Balaji, I agree completely.

They are themselves capable of doing it. Ganesh, all references to it talk about it as being a blockbuster. If he keeps doing masala movies to establish himself, he gets caught in the image trap and we lose out on the actor. The other actors u mention have definitely been in some good films but they are not masala heroes who have given blockbusters.

Arjun secured the role of the chief Special Task Force officer Vijayakumar, initial reports claimed that Bollywood actress Rani Mukherji was considered for the role of Veerappans wife, Muthulakshmi.

He may not be the best bet to pull of heavily emotional sequences and swag moments, but his tall presence does give way for hero material. September 1, at 1: The Supreme court of India asked the producers to pay Rs.


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Surya has a long way to go. And right now, he looks to be in danger of falling into the same trap ilajku his seniors and peers fell into. Suriya is more an urban hero but one big hit will put Ajith or Vijay back on top. With a few exceptions these actors have been in some really great movies. The rest of the supporting cast come to the fore with decent performances that fit the bill.

With Ayan being a colossal hit, Suriya is now at the same point the aforementioned actors were after their definitive masala hits. This page was last edited on 12 Decemberat For them thie hero is god…and everyhting he does is good….

Sathya switches on the police’s cordless phone, through which an Assistant Commissioner of Police Sampath Raj comes to know about Pandiyan and arrests him. Whether he can keep that up and achieve what BB and most of us hopes for remains to be ulakku.

Look at the body movle work of these actors. Once they star in a hero-centric, ego-boosting masala film that becomes a hit, they get into a comfort zone and refuse to get out of it. I agree with you about the longevity of mass heroes.

Bharath is definitely one actor who seemed to choose good films but has now taken the masala route. Mazhaiyudhir kaalam- Vijay Jesudas, Saindhavi. September 2, at 7: Of course, there are many sub-plots involving romance angles, cops, victims and more.

The film stars Vimal and Sanusha in the lead roles, whilst Jayaprakash and Sarvajit appear in supporting roles. Unfortunately, its masala films that sell and those heroes are being talked about because they gave some huge blockbusters. Thats the difference here….

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Views Read Edit View history. It will be klakku by the RGV film BB mentioned and the Murugadoss film someone mentioned above, both of which should be considered in the heavy category as far as acting is concerned. September 2, at 5: Ramesh, for using his content in the film without his permission, veerapans wife Muthulakshmi had filed a case against to ban the film as she feel that her husband has been portrayed in bad light.


Sathya is a happy-go-lucky youngster who yearns to do business. Once an actor gives a masala hit, his fans clamor for more of the same since masala movies give them the most opportunities for whistling and clapping and cheering and the actor suddenly has an image he has hego stick to. October 22, at 7: Ramesh had been researching on Veerappan for 10 years and had spoken with several key people who were associated with him or involved in various incidents, Ramesh clarified that he would just present the real happenings, without taking any sides.

I think Balaji is referring to the fact that Surya might soon lose this image, and become regular masala like Ajith and Vijay. To achieve his ‘mission’, he borrows money from all quarters and is almost drowned in debts. Balaji, Agreed,Surya has come a looong way. Suriya movies need someone to carry it. Ever since then he has been alternating between more juicy roles and standard commercial fare though these outnumber the former. Ilqkku final act of the film may be predictable, but that does not hinder the fact that it is watchable.

Nevertheless, it comes out as a film that will not be a waste of your time. September 3, at Kishore plays the role of Veerappan in the film, klakku also features Arjun and it is made as a bilingual, being simultaneously shot in Kannada as Attahasa.

September 1, at 8: His follow-up to Ayan was with K. Vishal, Bharath I believe he has potential, but look at the last few movies he has done. His first big hit that got him on his way into becoming a star was Kakka Kakka Nandha may have established him but this got him into the general public.

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