I do find that acts which speak over low music don’t appeal to me anywhere near as much as acts that address me directly, with no sound track. Once I am on, the music is off. Sample appears at 0: I guess if you like your mental magic That’s a funny story. Can you advise some good music for this kind of show. Well chosen music is always a great accent. Actually find someone else to act out the dialog.

One note before you click: Can you advise some good music for this kind of show. Links to help Canadian magicians http: This page was created in 0. Discussion Be the first to comment on this sample! I talked to the Michigan, Washtenaw county, sheriff’s officers that escorted Hurkos around during the Michigan murders, I like to use instrumental, hypnotic, suitable music with really low volume so it doesn’t interfere with the show but glues it together and gives me some rhythm to pace with.

As a piece of trivia, consider this: I want to create mysterious atmoshere during the show. Once I am on, the music is off.

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Hilarious in a wonderfully goofy way. In short yes use it but learn how to use it – just like blocking, lighting and so on “They are lean and athirst!!!!

For all I care, it could be a drum roll or a pneumatic drill. I thought it did add to the performance when used correctly. Music can enhance a mentalism show if used properly. Nov 22, Adblock Click the AdBlock button on the top right of your browser’s toolbar and select Don’t run on pages on this domainand then hit Exclude to finish. Mentalism–NO, not in a one-man show. Do you think is good to add some quiet music as a background to each effect ar it’s better to do it withour any music?


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Nov 21, Good thoughts, Bob Not to mention condescending; last thing a participant would appreciate is the jeopardy theme playing while they think. Rocky PS I remember seeing Fjlm Gordon on December 26, during a day long movie marathon with my then girlfriend, my two roommates and maybe one or two others.

Bears will kill you.

Also it really depends on the music. Music brings in a whole other level of challenges to putting a show together. Can you advise some good music for this kind of show. Peter Hurkos was my first investigation into psychics and mediums. Decomp 90 seconds of pure laughs without a standing ovation! This was not long after the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa. Discussion Be the first froum comment on this sample! I know music would not iouzjonista for me anymore and has saved me much trouble I do not want to stress over.

He was doing “psychometry” with objects from the audience.

I still do not know how it would be on stage but if you look at some of the top in the field, I do not think I see any using music unless it is a video production. I think Bob hit it filk the head.

I just use it to add drama to my entrance. In short yes use it but learn how to use it – just like blocking, lighting and so on. I use music but there is a subtle other thing to watch for which when Iluzjoista got really into the theatrical side and stage shows I noticed – the music can set YOUR rhythm ie the speed of your talk, your walk and so on unless you guard against it of you plan to use it – it’s ilujzonista a cool thing to use once you get the hang of it because it can create emotional charges – consider making a film and you’ll know what I mean.


When possible, use music before the show, while volunteers make their way to the stage, during intermission if there is one and during forun final bow.

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I never forgot one of his lines about the watch he was holding: Geee I remember in the 70s when I was at school sneaking in to the local dirty picture house to see Flesh Gordon. Mindpro Inner circle Posts. You will have to be your iluzzjonista judge. Thanks for passing it along. It can add or subtract, also its absence can be powerful as well.

It was one of those movies that was so bad it was good. WDavis Inner circle Posts.

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