The application software includes automatic image analysis, which makes creating a print-ready scan very straightforward. I’m no expert but it strikes me as odd – all the amazing tools in Photoshop notwithstanding and esp in CS6 – that an image which is scaled up to almost double resolution would print sharper than one scanned at that double resolution. And the price turned out to be the same for the Film Forum Search In. Would love your say on this.. Imacon have introduced an upgrade package called OptiRes Upgrade Kit, which enables customers to upgrade Precision II scanners to the same level as the new model. If your Minolta is similar to this, the difference might be not so huge.

As for no AF, well you only need to focus scanners that go out of focus, which the Plustek doesn’t. The unique design eliminates complicated moving optics and results in an extremely compact scanner. Register a new account. Yes, but some people say that, due to exeptional detail and edge to edge film flatness you get from the , i will gain get better quality from sdpi caled up to dpi or bigger It costs Euros new. What is Plus Membership?

Search for all the latest precsion gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. I am currently looking into that for my Have both scanners been serviced in recent times?

I use exclusively the Minolta OEM glass film holder in this one two glass sheets will hold the film perfectly flat. You must be a member to leave a comment. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. With the missing AF I never had a real issue.

Worth thinking about before jumping in because the people I’ve known who have owned Imacon scanners found they got to know the service people quite well.

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Imacon launch Flextight Precision III scanner

As for no AF, well you only scanned to focus scanners that go out of focus, which the Plustek doesn’t. Posted March 10, Register a new account. Contact The Studio Workshop Tel: Have you considered stretching to a new X1, Alex?

I still have access to the so I could do a test if you are interested.


Imacon Flextight Precision III scanner

The is being sold. Pros of the is of course the Firewire and the service trough Hasselblad maybe they dropped that also. Cookies help us deliver our service. I decided back then that I will push this matter if Imacon or not some time in front of me and use best lower cost scanning methods until then. An external power supply removes the possibility of electrical noise caused by heat or electronics. The Precision III handles positive or negative originals from 35mm to 12x17cm, as well as reflective copy up to xmm including colour, line-art and grey scale work.

It’s not what I find, but it depends when you tested it, they have re-designed the film holders since the scanner was first introduced and they lay even the curliest film flat.

The Minolta is has dpi, and print fantastic in this size, but only the times I get total flatness, which is 5 of 10 times hmmmso the big question really is, how big can push the files form the Imacon dpi without any loss, compared with the Minolta Pros for the Precision is the higher precisiom and the opportunity to scan film up to 5 x 7 inches. Alex, when I shopped for scanning solutions a few years ago, I contemplated the Imacon route for a while.

Imacon have introduced an upgrade package called OptiRes Upgrade Kit, which enables customers to upgrade Precision II iil to the same level as the new model.

Get the latest photography news straight to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter. I have the Minolta which i love, but I have problems with film flatness, flextightt the Imacon does brilliantly.

Alex, since you appear to want dpi similar to what the offers the is out, isn’t it? Workes at least forand later scanners. I am wondering if it wouldn’t be better to look into glass carriers for the Nevertheless, the glass carrier route, if possible, should be a much cheaper way to gain similar results and maintain workflow. Based on my own research it seems introducing a sheet of glass in the light path will not degrade the scan significantly. Until I find a pro flatbed for reasonable money I will continue with the and glass holders to get flat edges.


I have the Coolscan but considered other scanners, including the Precision – III in my case – and the various numbered models, including thebefore buying the Nikon.

What is Plus Membership? I’m of course happy to be educated on this.

Imacon Flextight Precision III Scanner | eBay

Posted March 9, edited. Imaconusers group, where there is a huge amount of knowledge to tap into. It wouldn’t surprise me if the 3,dpi Imacon scan surpassed the 5,dpi scan of the Minolta.

Hi Alex,the will already be a good acquisition for the But this means no more updates, and. For really curly film I also use the Minolta Multi Pro as of it’s exquisite glass holder for perfect flatness.

The design also enables scanning to scnaner carried out quickly as originals are simply placed within the holder, while the built-in light table and grid means that originals can fiml aligned simply.

I have the Minolta which i love, but I have problems with film flatness, which the Imacon does. Nikon comes close to the Imacon. There is also excellent technical support from our staff and dealers,” says Mr Poulsen.

Imacon launch Flextight Precision III scanner

But I never have tested this with the same resolution against each other. I like the Minolta a lot better for bulk scanning, as it is much faster and less complicated to deal with can be set up fully automated through VueScan without any mouse clicks or button presses on the scanner – just keep swapping film holders and it will keep scanning and saving files as adjusted. As you I use a Minolta for scanning I do dpi quick scans of all film in bulk and then scan the keepers selectively after they are archived under heavy weight for some time at higher dpi with multi pass scanning and properly adjusted exposure, etc ….

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