And Brussels is the place to be if you want to find new talents. I follow music bands on their tour, I record, mix and premaster music for clients in my modest home studio. Private lessons in The Netherlands. I hope this short biography helped you in knowing me a little bit better. My expertise was born, first and foremost, in the field. Because I’m eager of creativity , knowledge and discovering a new approach and culture.

Born in Belgium and working in venues and studios all over Europe, he moved to Los Angeles, CA where he established a very successful professional career as engineer and producer. I will share it with you. I can show you around the school and discuss about equipment , functioning of the school and teaching methods and I will answer all the questions you might have before coming to study with us. It is already today I live close to a large park, where we can find all kinds of subjects. You do not imagine all the possibilities that photography allows. I offer help in all areas: Cours particuliers en Belgique.

I started my career as a freelancerproducing and recording classical music and digitalising analog archives for radio and television. Today, I am working as a live sound engineer, a studio engineer and a sound designer.

My name is Thomas Walravens. Having someone to accompany you to help you evolve more effectively, avoid mistakes, give you rigor in your approach and find advice. I try to support you in your own language if I can I speak seven of them.

Translated using Google Translate. Lessons can always be adapted to your needs: I hope this short biography helped you in knowing me a little bit hruxelles.


I’m currently working in various audio fields: Sound engineer sinceLuc work as a freelance. Private lessons in The USA. Private lessons in Estonia. Finess and subtlety will come later.

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Meet our team of professionals. About Me Translated using Google Translate. Nice to meet you, I’m Charlotte! Within the SAE campus in Brussels, I am responsible for the administrative and financial issues of our students. Learning was really pure fun Further to my education I worked in different domains from public sector like the European Court of Justice to the private area of IT HP ; I provided business consultancy to many clients on international private law, financing and refinancing and labour law in a legal consultancy firm and loved my time cinemz I could exercise my HR skills recruiting teams for myself and other management in all the different fields I worked in.

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I like to feel useful and that I give solutions to our students’ issues. Cours particuliers en France. I am used to evolving in different types of environments thanks to my travel all over the world. Professor and educational director at Parallax Studio, a school for actors.

I offer them various services such as composing, arranging, recording and mixing. I teach you not only how to use the software, but also how to acquire a method to be effective, to make wise choices and to be able to face the worst problems that can be faced with editing software or how to avoid them.


I will help you to be this interface. While studying and learning more about sound, my passion for music kept increasing I will share it with you. Private lessons in The United Kingdom. D R Own blackandwhite charleroi belgium canond inraci dark – 13 days ago.

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You do not imagine all the possibilities that photography allows. Since then I have been working in higher education doing recruitment for business schools and inrraci for the largest creative media educator, SAE Institute, intaci I exercise the function of recruitment and career orientation.

I offer writing lessons on themes such as dialogues, creating characters and so on. My background is in law and international relations and European studies. As social media users continue to demand more visual content, brands will need a platform where they can share photos that will visually engage their target audience.


I have 10 years experience in teaching, writing, editing, copywriting, advertising and communications in New York Bbruxelles. Therefore, one day, I took the firm decision to change my professional life!

There is no small actions.

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