Rick risks a head-on collision with multiple buses that refuse to give up an inch of road as they fly toward him at top speed. Pain in my ass. I was like, “Okay”. We’re getting all that. Dave’s close scrape with the side of an oncoming bus causes the angry occupants to surround his vehicle in a showdown on a narrow ledge, a thousand feet up. This is the biggest thing that bothers me over here. He’s just making sure I don’t crash.

It’s only the first trip, but already the roads are forcing even the most seasoned veterans to second-guess their decision to challenge “The Death Road. Forcing each driver to take on a road that push them to the edge. On a narrow mountain road, trucker Lisa Kelly stopped exactly where she shouldn’t be in a landslide zone. But this Alabama trucker’s Southern charm got him out of hot water. I’d rather get out and run the whole way. It’s a pretty rough ride.

That guy’s in a truck, and he wants me to back up? Pick ’em right up. And at the end, only one driver completes the final load. It’s just absolute, total darkness.

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This time, she stays behind the wheel. Patience and tempers are stretched to the limits on the Bolivian Death Road day after day.

As Tino and Tim climb higher and higher into the mountains, their emergency tank of oxygen comes in handy. Traffic backs up behind him. High in the Himalayas on a road called the Ledge, another North American trucker may be finished. Well, edadliest if the guard rail isn’t doing anything, it at least helps mentally.


Pushed to the Ledge

Yeah, don’t tell me this is nothing. I guess they’re meant to be seen. After surviving their first few days in India, the truckers face the most dangerous journey of their lives.

Yeah, yeah, just come down. I think I’ll get better and faster and more comfortable with it.

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Rick and Lisa go deeper into the Himalayas and up a new stretch of road called The Ledge–a one lane cliff-side path with a rock wall on one side and a sheer thousand-foot drop on the other. Man, look at this mess.

seasob Look at this moron. Well, looks like that one’s pretty fresh. But this Alabama trucker’s Southern charm got him out of hot water. Rick delivers a sacred Buddha statue between monasteries. Yep, just got busted for running a red light. Let’s hear a crunch. Yes, yes, yes, go. Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April Play some video games? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Go, go, go, go.

Lisa brings much needed supplies into Keylong–a city normally cut off by snowy winters. Rick and Lisa are headed off the Freefall Freeway up a narrow side road called the Ledge with sheer cliffs on one side, an unstable rock face on the other, and tight clearances overhead.

Yep, yep, yep, yep. What did I get myself into? There is no room for any rpads car. Lisa’s almost conquered the road epiwode beat her yesterday.


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I don’t want to be flattened by the end. That was about it. Boyo went out and was arguing with the guy, so I tried to back up on my own, and I got over a couple more inches. When you get rain like this, there’s always potential for, pushe, the landslides, when it’s pouring like this.

Views Read Edit View seasoh. Soon as you get to any kind of civilization, it’s just bam.

After two veteran truckers give up and head home, Hugh Rowland and Lisa Kelly are forced to take on the Death Road rit spotters. Oh, look at this. It’s right above my head. It’s the most uncourteous road you’ll ever find. I know a lot of people that’d quit, though. Lists of American non-fiction television series episodes. I’m an off-road trucker. Unlike back home, every trucker here rides with a spotter. Deadliest Roads Episode Guide. You know, they just swarmed up there. There’s no city lights.

We’re used to Mother Nature of up north and stuff. Dave tackles the notorious “Ledge” for the first time, all while dealing with an oversized load and oncoming traffic. Except I don’t got any lives.

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