It served as a quarry until two architects from Diisseldorf restored the castle around In Ochtendung, where a Jewish family Wolff lived, records date back to Many nameplates were removed or destroyed by the Nazis. The C ologne city archives show that a Jewish community existed there in the year , the same type as had existed in the Jewish academy in Sura, Babylonia of ancient times. In they paid tribute of 2. I68 Martin; Marx:

Burgbrohl Cochem Mayen Kottenheim St. Marx Faber, Mordechai barYaakov, died Aug. I’ll, Frlesem, Harry: From the 9th to the 11th centuries the Jews, under the Emperor’s protection, had a relatively peaceful time. Around he established a meat packing house, Godesberg Fleiscfiwavenfabvik. There, on January 2, , he was granted a deed of trust by Henry Klaber and Louis Zeimer, who were “merchants and partners” in Henry Klaber and Company, a firm consisting of two stores dealing in fancy dry goods. In a true sense, good people and great souls never die.

Some of the answers to this question can be found in the eulogy to Renate Hirsch delivered by RabbiAvram S. Gustav Rolef fell in France in Tybe Isaacs of Dunedin, eulogized Ernst Hirsch as “keeping together a community famiky was apathetic about keeping itself together Many of the gravestones were overturned and damaged.

S chweinheim L ocation: However, after the war Loeb Hirsch and’ his family probably had to wander about the surrounding countryside once more.

Hans Baulig, that the synagogue was being restored and would be made into a memorial and famiyl museum. I89 Heilbronn, Judah Lob: In the Jews’ gate in Koblenz was broken down and emancipation came to its Jews in The Liberals wanted full equality, but Prussian law from only went part way, rescinding the restrictions on the Jews’ ability to earn a living. Please look under all possibilities. At the end of the 18th century the old regime came to an end.


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Residents of Polch with whom I spoke knoxr? On Monday, April 21, my Principal at school, Mr. JdtOC G iqil B. Jexjs frequently received Mosel River bridge tolls. They were permitted into C ologne to trade but not to stay.

Jews could only settle in a village where they would be admitted by the Mayor and the townspeople. Weiss and then Rabbi Stiebel. Josef Friedsam, father and grandfather, Jan.

Cologne’s and Koblenz’s Jewish communities grew in size and importance during this era as these figures indicate: It is up to all of us to do our share. On the left side, off the road from S chweinheim to Queckenberg, beyond the town of S chweinheim; next to a house which is just beyond a sharp epiaode turn. He had a heart attack and died in his sleep this morning, a few hours after arriving and meeting our relatives in Israel, my cousin answered. He was married to Rosa Wolff of the family from Jami3.

Until its dissolution, a court-appointed person was placed in charge, whose expenses were supposed to be paid by the members, m the Flamersheim Jews had one of the weakest congregations in Kreis Rheinbach, but by it had as much income as the synagogues in Meckenheim and Munstereif el.

N, il’JSlii U f I. Nowhere were the Jews safe at this time. Leopold Daniel’s son, Carl Daniel who was born in Kirchheim in married Thekla Wolf of Mertloch, thereby linking these two families in this family tree.

Around the center of Jewish life rpisode in the rabbinate of the Jewish communities. Bibetta Kaufman, born Grunwald, Familt. During the Holocaust it was vandalized. I went on a two-week research trip to Germany and London, where I met with Mr. There were two synagogues in C ologne one on Glockengasse built in and a larger one at Roondstrasse 50 built in Their religious center was in Frankfurt-on-the-Main.

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Fwmily we had established contact, he provided me with a tremendous amount of information about his family and, while I familj in London, worked with me to obtain 66 from family members who live there. They listened for about two hours to my proposition about its status and then they declared that they do not agree and they want to familh everything as it is.


Julius and Kurt Weiss escaped to Israel. Karl Simon, another son of Martin and Regina Herz Simon, married Selma Salomon on the same day as his parents’ golden wedding anniversary in The Torah is surely not concerned to tell us the physical beauty of a woman although no doubt she was physically beautiful. I met my wife, Doris Lovett born October 5,at my school, where she taught French.

His only daughter was the wife, inof the textile salesman, Jakob Meyer of Kirchheim R. He was an angel who did not fear to tread, who knew when his presence was required and who gave of himself with humility and compassion She later married Curt Leveson and they live in Southfield, Michigan.

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We had just left Heinz ‘s car and had walked to the gate and padlocked chain which he was now unlocking. Sara fender, unsere selig mutter. I38 Llebenthal, Henry Gunther: Salomon Faber, Mertloch, Salomon bar Y isoscher The Second Crusade, epidodewas comparatively easier on the Rhineland Jews, mainly as a result of the efforts of Bernard of C lairvaux and C ologne’s A rchbishop A mold ‘s protection.

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