You are commenting using your Twitter account. Durga Rani Singh , was released on 2 December The film opens with a poison-gas attack on a Kolkata Metro Rail compartment, killing the passengers on board. Who Let The Dork…. According to the director, he was inspired by particular scenes of Ray’s Nayak to plan the portrayal of complex emotional issues between Vidya and the police officer Rana, especially Rana’s awe in the presence of Vidya. Archived from the original on 22 March

Want to See Not Interested. Retrieved 2 December Sharing it — in case others find it useful. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! A recurring theme is the fleeting hint of romance between Rana and Vidya. Notify me of new comments via email. Siddiqui, who had only had minor roles in Bollywood up to that time, was surprised that for the first time he would not have to portray a beggar.

It kzhaani a clear one line plot – a woman in search of her missing husband. Most of the crowd in the climax were not actors. Kahaani is a nifty thriller with an enjoyment quotient that is indirectly proportionate to how long you spend thinking about the plot. Retrieved 31 August A sub inspector Indrajit Arjun Rampal is put on the case.

Story Of Kahaani

April 6, at Vidya meets Agnes, and Agnes says she had a rethink on the photo of Arnab, which Vidya left with her. However the cops catch them.

There’s an entire police contigent outside the house that blows up, yet it strikes none to check where are the charred bodies of Vidya and Mini. Screen kahaxni and story: List of accolades received by Kahaani. The image of actor Abir Chatterjee, an established name in the Bengali spoilre industry, inside a metro compartment searching for a bag based on a tip-off about a potential terror attack on the city, is planted in one of the early sequences.


Archived from the original on 3 September By Mitesh Shah 26 May Mainstream neo-noir films play around with the intrigue and the moral consequences of the parts played by their protagonists. Critics’ expectations were low, owing to the director’s previous box-office failures. Two remakes of Kahaani were released in Durga regains consciousness after being beaten up by the cop.

Of course that Vidya and Mini have flown off to America with the help of Indrajit is evident. The music, simply awe-inspiring. If you haven’t watched Kahaani yet, don’t read beyond this line. Thanks to filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh, we had put out the script of Kahaani here.

Kahaani- the ending killed it! | Visshy’s Fictionary

Archived from the original on 8 March If you have dope on anything related to cinema or you would like to share something, do write to us at moifightclub gmail. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kahaani. The actual sequence fizzles out as a simple stunt.

Vidya decides to stay back, against all odds and warnings to continue her search… Who is Milan Damji? This site uses cookies.

He had to approach several producers to finance him for Kahaanibut was refused [9] and discouraged from making the film owing to three factors: Archived from the original on 12 March Kahaani is one such brilliant effort.

Choosing a room with windows overlooking a busy road, he proceeded to give it an old-fashioned look by replacing the windows’ designer grilles with old-fashioned wooden ones, and by painting the room with some rough patches. Then Vidya begs Mohit to spare Mini and her. Justifying her action comes across more as an effort to appease the Indian morality”. Though Kahaani received critical acclaim, it was a slow starter at the box office, opening to a poor response on the first day, [97] [98] but gradually picking afterwards.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Did Milind forget to load the gun before taking off the safety lock? Vidya, Kolkata in a never-seen-before avatar in Kahaani “. And also keeps a check on the timeline — what happens where, at what time, and for how long.


Advaita Kala says she had to tell Vidya’s story right”.

Outside Indrajit and all the other cops are deciding what to do, when the house blows up. But Vidya of course knows he had come to Kolkata.

I totally agree with you.

That is why Kahaanidespite being a refreshingly original film, falls short of immortality. So he is determined to see that Durga doesn’t get punished and is able to fly abroad and get Mini her treatment. Retrieved 28 September Monalisa Guest House, the lodge which hosted Vidya Bagchi in the film, became a local attraction. Or both the characters were played by the same person to keep the story moving and intriguing?

What follows is a sobfest By Rishabh Baid 17 Apr Yet the film stops just inches short of earning its place in history due to its gaping plotholes and a climax that is a deep bow to mainstream Bollywood.

‘Kahaani’ director accused of copying film’s climax from international flick

Ghosh cleverly uses Vidya’s pregnancy – every time she trips or even sweats too hard, you become afraid – and the city of Kolkata to engage us in his story. The movie keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats trying to predict the twist in the tale which endinf them over look directorial mistakes: Kahaani was nominated for, and won, many awards.

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