BILIN something as money, property, etc. You should first clean your bedroom. Ibuhos-v- ‘o pour; spill, empty; effuse. Di paniniwalain-a Incredulous; unbelievable. Bundok na napuputok-n Volcano. Hatiin-v-To divide; halve; part; share; conpart; cut apart. Knuig auig d’alawang titik na B at T ay magkakasama sa dulo ng- isang salita, aug, B ay ninamatay sa pagsasabi.

Kung nagkakasama ang dalawang titik na ow ay tutunog ng parang ao. Ilakad mo ang pagtaas ng katungkulan ko sa kaniya. Humanda-v-To prepare; get ready – Hamanga vTo limit; finish;. I want to hurl some stones on those noisy dogs at the neighbor’s house. Hawanan-v To free; dissengage; facillitate make easy; ease, expedite. It is not good to swindle the money of other people. Basagin-v-To break; fracture; bust; destroy; crak; crash; shatter. Don’t you forget the payment for the water and electricity.

It pleases Sheila to give a knuckle on the head to annoying kids. Humimalay-v-To take what is left Humimawa-v-To blaspheme curse.

File a case against the company. Abala-n-Obstacle; impediment; hindrance; obstruction; nuisance; clog; arrest. Huag makipag-usap-v-To stand mute; remain silent. I got cash advance because I am broke now. Sort out the dirty clothes. Umalon ng malakas kahapon sa dagat.


He hung on to me [for support]. Bivat-n-Weight; gravity, heaviness, heft, importance, consequence, toil, burden, trouble; cross moment. You bring a case against the company. She is a ,ahoy teller of fortune. The ship sank in the middle of the storm. He gestured as though he will hit Peter. Mag-inat ka pagkagising mo sa umaga.

Balutin-v-To wrap up, emnbale, cover; envelop; pack; screen. Kailangan magbata ng hirap ang aking magulang para sa aking kinabukasan. Don’t you insist your opinion. Take the child on your lap.

Tagalog Dictionary

Bagong tawong may- ed ad-n -Bacliel or. Durog-a-Po dered; broken, ushed. Biak-n-Half; crack, fracture; piece. Don’t deny that you are already married.

Kahoy na baril movie theater

Hatiin-v-To divide; halve; part; share; conpart; cut apart. Agpang a Opportune; convenient, right. You solder a broken car. Tagalog slang for someone who wears hip or groovy clothes; cowboy-style. Humagpos-v-To slip; slide, skutlk; escape fromi danger.

Don’t you strike your neighbor. Nz cut the vegetables for our recipe. You ask your mother for money. Hiligan-n-Anything to lean on. Hilawan v-To separate; pick. You should now start packing up your things for your departure tomorrow.


Let’s take turns in going to the office. Tagalog slang for someone who is shy, scared; from American slang geek. Hukay-n-Excavation; hole; pit; hiollowv; cavity. Basahin no patakbo-v-To peruse; rend sw-iftly. Append your twine here. Bayadl-n-Pay fee; stipend, salary, conipensa ion, wages, retribution, payment, satisfaction; reward.

Buniton n-Heap; pile; stack; crowd. Don’t take advantage of the kid. Pag nauna ang titik na 0 sa manga letrang E, I, at Y ang pagsasalila ay tutunog ng S. Hiyas-n Ornament; adornment; trimming, furniture.

Ihago n-To renew; make over, change. Dangal kahoh reputation fame; glory excellent; kinkiness; excellency; triumph; esteem.

You pull the rope. He got ready [to do something]. Igawgaw-v-To mix; mingle, unite, join, coalesce, consolidate, copulate, incorporate; conjoin.

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