Dhruv tells Manik that he’s trying to be friends again with Nandini. Alya decides to get Manik back in her life. Later, Manik and Kabir have made plans to spoil Harshad’s plan. Mukti waits for Abhimanyu but he is in the hospital. Harshad is worried about Alya. Drift Garage Episode With everyone inside the house, Manik tries to sneak Nandini out of his house. Nandini confronts Aryaman about the attack.

Nandini does her job as the manager for Fab5. Kabir’s mother creates a scene at the college canteen. Manik kicks Dhruv out of the room. I like the intimacy between both the singers and respects how disrespectful they came with it in their canto. Baal Veer, is a kids based super hero show. Nandini’s chances at the concert hangs in limbo.

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Despite Nyonika’s open disapproval, Nandini goes to great lengths to be by Manik’s side once he regains consciousness, while Mukti boldly faces off with Harshad.

Nandini prays to god for Fab5. Nandini does her job as the manager for Fab5. Kabir changes room to allow Manik and Nandini their time but Soha won’t give up so easily. Harshad takes Alya home after she regains consciousness.

The shame and humiliation Shahid receives drives him to kill himself. Manik tells Nandini that he has made peace with Dhruv’s behavior. Nyonika confronts Manik about the truth. Do you have a DIY or home improvement question? Fab5 decide to perform for Mr. Recent blog posts more blog posts.


While the rest put efforts for the campaign, Dhruv doesn’t participate. Later, Nyonika gets furious at Nandini for sharing information with the media.

Episode 205

Khurana feels cornered after what Manik tells him. Fab5 fights over the Harshad issue. Manik talks to Nandini’s parents. Manik stays with Rishabh at the hospital. Aryaman and Harshad turn out to ysh childhood friends who want to destroy FAB5.

Drift Garage Episode Dhruv spots Alya paying money to the goons for harassing Nandini. Badshah comes and performs. She finally manages to exit after every one has passed out. The two bands are engaged in the treasure hunt. Manik goes after Harshad for revenge.

There is tension between Manik and Panditji at Nandini’s house.

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Manik arranges for a classical workshop in Mangalore as he learns yaarizan Nandini is going to the same place. Dhruv tells Manik that he’s trying to be friends again with Nandini.

Nandini feels attracted to Dhruv but he doesn’t reciprocate. Alya compels Manik to end his contract with Nandini. Soha asks Dhruv to call Manik.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode 205

Manik arrives at Nandini’s house. Trilok agrees to stay back at S. Vijaya cheekily puts forth another idea for the union Manik is taken for yaariasn by a specialist.


Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing. Navya applies a home remedy to Aryaman’s injured hand. She has been breaking records left and right. Shahid tells Nandini about Kabir’s video which shows Navya trapped.

The single is also the official soundtrack for the movie Love, Simon. Manik tries to yaatiaan and apologize to Dhruv. Nandini’s grandmother talks to Nandini and reminds her of yqariaan incident with Prof Pandit. Principal informs Kabir and Mukti about their performance. Side Chick Web Series Please ignore incorrect episode name, this is not Nandini is yet to find out that Alya has sent those goons. FAB5 leaves no opportunity to trouble Nandini and Navya. Fab5 come together and patch up. Nandini and Navya talk about Manik.

FAB5 on the other hand plans for a private party in the college.

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