In part A, Keroro takes Fuyuki and Natsumi on a trip to the moon, while also hoping to quietly ditch his invasion deadline countdown. When Natsumi finds out, the platoon runs for it, but later gets caught by Dororo in a trap. In B, Natsumi is feeling grumpy, so she disallows all sorts of things. Froggy Paddle ” Transcription: Keroro’s dad arrives on Earth for an unexpected visit with news of an arranged marriage for Keroro. But people can come in from the outside normally. Everything goes well until Keroro kicks the ball into his own goal.

However, there is a time limit to change her back or she’ll remain young again and Aki escaped to Fuyuki’s school to pass the day. He is instead kept as a pet and forced to do chores for the Hinata family, which consists of paranormal maniac Fuyuki, his ill-tempered older sister Natsumi, and their manga-editing mother Aki. Keroro comes across a stone that attracts bad luck, and must keep it and himself safe until its owner arrives to collect it. In part B, Dororo can’t turn off his trauma so he was put into a soul diver where Keroro, Tamama and Giroro went to fix the tramuas Keroro made. The Ultimate Festival Challenge! Christmas time is here, and Keroro plans on using this time to finally conquer the world. Each member of the Keroro platoon creates a beverage for a vending machine of Kululu’s creation. In part B, the Keroro Platoon and Baio fight for control of the weather to determine the fate of Momoka’s sports festival.

Manatsu no Kaigan de Arimasu ” Japanese: Parent’s Classroom Visit” Transcription: Once there Keroro challenges Natsumi to a swimming race which she losses. Seeing Saburo in the audience, she gets too lovesick and makes a fool out of herself.

Views Read Edit View history. The group runs after her to catch them attacking Natsumi’s friends. The Final Frontier ” Transcription: Manatsu no Owarai Batoru de Arimasu ” Japanese: In the end, the tiger horse was defeated, Dororo turned back to normal and Keroro can’t turn his tramua off.


Demon Night ” Transcription: After Fuyuki refuses to take him to the toy store, Keroro decides to get his revenge by putting them into a simulator that produces ice cold temperatures.

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Some Like It Kfroro and Miserable! Our Summer Vacation Flux Capacitor? Because of her popularity, Natsumi is forced to do a horror version of Peter Pan with Koyuki. Summer Training Camp” Transcription: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mois Battle 621 Transcription: Invasion Status Is Never Better. Keroro, Fuyuki and Natusmi watch a television special on famous landmarks and whether or not aliens created them.

When Natsumi hears of Giroro trying to get a hobby, she teaches him that a hobby is what interests you the most. After Tamama tells her what happened in the previous episode, Momoka decides to take everyone on a trip to her ski resort. Koyuki reminisces on her time in her ninja village, and her first meeting with Dororo.

The fleet abandons Keroro instead of rescuing him, leaving him to perform chores around the Hinata family household. After a freak accident involving Tamama’s training machine, Momoka’s two different personalities split up. In part A, Keroro finds out Natsumi and Fuyuki have a health inspection on their school. Fuyuki and Natsumi help them too, Natsumi helps Mois with strangely selling “smiles” that give you motivation, and Fuyuki helps with burgers. At the end, Dororo realizes how painful was to remember his box and refuses to join them again.

Fuyuki competes in a tournament of occult-based challenges to save his occult club.

The cat outside gets a hold of the gun that turns animals into humans in oder to say something. Frog episodes season 4. Aliens all over Pekopon are being abducted and a new epixode is transferred to Natsumi’s group. When Giroro hears that, he realizes what interests him the kfroro and what he really wants to do However, Keroro has other plans for the group.


Momoka tries gundo confess her feelings for Fuyuki, but is interrupted when Tamama 26 while hidden inside her schoolbag. The frogs get mail from children from their home planet. Planet Andou’s Heaven” Transcription: They go to the deepest part where Fuyuki offers to go himself. When they think he’s planning something suspicious, they follow him to a dead end.

Kululu finds him an audition in a children’s program and is actually doing good until Keroro and Tamama feel jealous and jump into the show too. Fuyuki opens a closet, and falls into a hole along with Natsumi, leading to a secret city called “Alien street”. She’s already years late however.

Koyuki informs him and tries to reunite them but Zeroro refuses, revealing to his old friends that he changed his name to Dororo and will now protect Pekopon rather than invade it. Keroro enters the platoon into the world cup, hoping to gain control of Pekopon.

Keroro Gunsou 1/2

Keroro eventually discovers that the badge on his helmet allows him to temporarily turn invisible. At the end the fight was staged because Keroro and Kogoro were friends since childhood. However, Keroro is worried tunso Santa Clause will be first to conquer the planet. This becomes troublesome when he pushes Keroro and Mois closer together during his training.

Tamama fails after seeing Mois’s determination. That Delusion is Mine!

They meet Keroro and the others there. Christmas has come and gone, and now Keroro plans on starting the new year with the rpisode house cleaning operation ever.

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