The male characters are cardboard–Arthur is as heroic as a l The Arthur myth from the point of view of Morgaine le Fay, pagan priestess. Gawain 2 episodes, Honza Klima She also maintained a large family of writers at her home in Berkeley. Mark Lewis Jones as Uther. A retelling of the Camelot legend from the point of view of Morgaine and Gwenhwyfar, it grew into a series of books; like the Darkover series, the later novels are written with or by other authors and have continued to appear after Bradley’s death. When the knights of the Round Table leave to search for the Holy Grail, Mordred attempts to usurp the throne.

Estratto da ” https: View all 46 comments. The end though about Mary the mother of Christ being worshiped as a goddess isn’t far from the truth though I’m sure some Catholics would disagree and find this movie extremely blasphemous. Joan Allen as Morgause. Tamsin Egerton as Young Morgaine. The male characters are cardboard–Arthur is as heroic as a l The Arthur myth from the point of view of Morgaine le Fay, pagan priestess.

Some time later, during a heated argument with Arthur over their lack of an heir, Gwenhwyfar breaks Morgaine’s confidence and tells Arthur he has a son. Morgaine is one of my cat character ever, she was such a complex and determined person.

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I can’t understand how MZB, who wrote such powerful lines and characters, that made me feel so understood, that represented repression and gender inequality with such a beautiful, compelling and empowering novel, could have also been the abuser of her daughter. Viviane Anjelica Hustonthe Lady of the Lake, is the ruling Pagan caet who presides over the Isle of Avalon; determined not to lose her power to the rising tides of Christianity, Viviane uses her wiles and influence to bring Arthur Edward Attertona potentate who has brought Pagan and Christian forces together, to the throne.


Although she particularly encouraged young female authors, she was not averse to including male authors in her anthologies. What an excellent retelling of Arthurian legend from the women in the classic legends perspective. For example, I Am a Lesbian was published in But I know too much of the truth…of the way life works, with life after life in which we, ourselves, and only we, can work out the causes we have set in motion abalon make amends for the harm we have done.

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Tell me they’re tall, red-haired, have a scar on their face nebboe that’s just perfect. She’s not just black or white, like any woman. In fact, Bradley’s deeply troubling views of sex and consent taint this work, as she glorifies incest, promiscuity and rape as part of vast idyllic faith free of Christian ignorance.

The story is told in four large parts: She re-envisions Arthurian legend through the eyes of its women, but this only explain a fraction of what this book is about.

Now believing that the lack of a royal heir is God’s punishment for Arthur’s union, however unwitting, with his own half-sister, Gwenhwyfar urges Arthur to confess the encounter to the bishop, who imposes strict penance upon him.

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Qualche mese dopo la scoperta da parte di Igraine e le guerre che si svolgono contemporaneamente, torna il padre di Morgana partito per la guerra ma morto. Raven 2 episodes, To escape Lot’s unwanted advances, Morgaine leaves Lothian and returns to Arthur’s court as a lady-in-waiting to the high queen, Gwenhwyfar. Bradley paints them, are passive. Fiction rated it it was amazing.

The Mists of Avalon

Maybe divert from your view that all men are chauvinist pigs? Kay 2 episodes, John Comer Marion Zimmer Bradley ‘s Avalon series.


ls Some will find it boring, some will find it fascinating, some will find it disturbing, some will find themselves in this book. Because I don’t want to sully childhood memories with the harshness of reality.

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I honestly could care less what happens. View all 10 comments. But you surely would never touch it. Caroline Goodall as Igraine.

Lock yourself away in a room to prevent yourself from having contact with objects or living creatures that may be associated with wrongdoers. Their mother, Igraineis casy to Uther Pendragon after Morgaine’s biological father, Gorloisis killed in battle. Mainly because the author molested her own child for years and protected her pedophile husband before he was caught, convicted, and imprisoned.

In my opinion, no, because the writer has created Morgaine in such a way that she comes across as a reliable narrator. The only stupid choice she makes is so that the author has an excuse to make the pious lady into an adulteress without making her choose it. It’s the story of Britain after Rome has faded but the influence of Rome, particularly through spreading Christianity hasn’t. She evokes Spenser, the Idylls, and all manner of other ridiculous romanticics of the Arthurian Mythos.

View all 6 comments. White’s The Once and Future King. Young Mordred 2 episodes, Justin Muller She also endeavors to pull the characters out of the romantic and toward post-modern psychological conflict. Breen, for child molestation. Was this review helpful to you?

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