Undeterred by Mahadev’s rejection, Sati ascertains Madanike about bringing the Mahayogi out of his Vairagya. But Durvasa tells Narad Muni about his promise to his mother of not getting angry and curse anyone. Parvati meets Rishi Dadhichi and pays her gratitude to him. Devi Lakshmi awakes Lord Vishnu to protect the universe from Tarakasur’s attack. If you aren’t fervently re-writing last night’s episode of your favourite show, if you aren’t painstakingly making video-mixes of your favourite scenes or tweeting the recap Sati is inconsolable after facing Daksh’s atrocities and vows to burn herself in the fire. Mahadev predicts to the deities that Bhagirath will save them.

Vivek Srivastav, digital media head of Colors TV, points out that with approximately 65 million Facebook users and 25 million twitter consumers today, social media has helped foster the bonds of fandom. Markandeya enlightens Dadhichi about Mahadev’s transformation into a human form and his desperation for Sati’s tragedy. Tarakasur is furious at his sons and informs Shukracharya that he will consider his suggestions. He takes Sati to the graveyard and tells her about the limitations of a human body. Mahadev sits on Nandi for his wedding procession. Lord Vishnu conveys to Mahadev that Daksh has redeemed himself with his death and states the importance of Daksh’s reincarnation.

Parvati takes blessings of her elders before leaving for Kailash. Tarakasur threatens and asks the earth to cover Sati’s pinds. On the other hand, Sati falls for Mahadev and confesses her love before Madanike. This has obviously made direct conversation between the audience and the channels easier,” he says. Prasuti is pleasantly surprised to find the mark missing on Sati’s arm. Mahadev reminds Sati of her promise to Daksh.

Parvati is determined to endeavour her best to win Mahadev’s heart. Menavati requests Mahadev to marry Parvati in his actual form.

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Lord Shiva reciprocates her feelings. Heavy rainstorm traps Sati in the dense forest. Him Naresh helps Parvati to proceed to Maansarover. Shiva’s would be consort, Sati, too is lost in the blissful meeting with Mahadev in the jungle.


And if I forgot to add something, be kind and leave the mjeduniya behind.

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Says Prashant Bhatt from Colors, “There’s a lot of choice now and people know what they want to watch and what oonline don’t want to. Getting Sati involved in the arrangements for the spring festival, Daksh tells Bhrigu about his intentions behind forgiving Sati. However, Mahadev denies trusting the same. Nandi brashes them saying that his attempts would not go in waste.

The rishis fume at their wives for spending time with Mahadev.

Tarakasur attacks Nandi mahasev the deities. Mahadev requests Sati to calm down, Vidyunmali asks Sati to free Mhadev from stranglehold. Attracted completely to the rhythm of Mahadev’s raga, Sati dances to the song.

Lord Vishnu helps Parvati to make the shivling. Prasuti lectures Sati to be truthful for leading a happy life and insists her to confess that she has come out of Mahadev’s hallucinations in front of Prajapati. But, Sati’s fate, which has aleady been written, again walk upto her in the form of the lotuses.

Rishi Kashyap travels to Kailash seeking Mahadev’s help.

Television fans are now online

However, Daksh reluctantly blesses her and feels dejected. Vishnu suggests him to take help from Lord Shiva. He myeruniya Parvati that her desire will be achieved.

We blog about it every day and even write guest posts on other forums. And they’re not scared to express themselves. Rohini, on the other hand, unaware of Revati’s plight, impatiently awaits Chandrama to return from the Mahasabha. Revati scorns at Rishi Kashyap for preparing medicines onpine could erase Mahadev’s mark from Sati’s arm.


Mahadev is impressed with Parvati’s devotion and remarkable tenacity and accepts her as his wife. Lord Shiva becomes mahxdev with Shukracharya’s penance and gives him Sanjeevni vidya as a boon.

Mahadev appears while Sati collects ash of a burning dead body and suggests her not to proceed with Nandavrata. Prasuti tells Sati that she is very lucky to have a father like Daksh and asks her to agree to his plan.

However, this time it doesn’t seem that fans will get what they want. Nandi pleads with Mahadev to let him accompany. Sati is distraught to go to Kailash along with Lord Shiva. Menavati prays to Lord Vishnu to protect her daughter.

Mahadev’s devotees pray to Parvati to proceed to Kailash, but she becomes sad to know that Mahadev does not exist in Kailash. Menavati desires to marry Parvati to Rajkumar Dandak and wants her to renounce her feelings for Mahadev.

Sati is upset with Lord Shiva as he leaves her alone on the first night after marriage. Mahadev becomes outraged, but Shukracharya calms him down and revives Nandi using the Sanjeevni vidya.

Rudrastakam devon ke dev mahadev serial

Sukarna does not let Jata to go but Sevakram convinces him saying that Jata is going to bring maternal aunt for him. The deities are myeduiya because of Mahadev’s decision to stay in Him Naresh’s house. They are not only watching shows on the TV or on their computers but on their mobile phones as well.

Vishwakarma offers to construct an incredible house for Mahadev but Mahadev declines his offer.

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