Board Rejects Nayantara’s Project Geet leaves the house Plan to End the Family Tiff Geet works on the file Geet reveals her secret Arjun plans to harm Geet The girls come to meet Maan

Adi leaves for Amritsar Geet will work in Maan’s office Dadimaa shares a plan with Maan Maan sees Dev in the outhouse Geet gets angry at Maan Maan hears Geet’s confession Dev praises Maan and Geet

Dev Plans Surprise Honeymoon Maan gets into a fight On the Dance Floor Maan plans to enter Tej’s house Maan kisses Geet’s hand Will Anwesha Learn the Truth? Maan teaches Geet driving Dev falls in love with Nandini Maan plans a surprise for Geet Geet collides with Maan Dev and Naintara in Maan’ Room Maan confesses his feelings Maan asks Geet not to worry Geet tends to Dev Geet stops Dev from leaving Nandini accepts Dev’s proposal Forgot password Forgot Username.

Maan and Geet to meet Dadimaa Dev’s concern towards Geet Maan and Geet’s car breaks down Everyone is shocked to see Maan and Geet Geet requests Tej to stay back Geet and Maan leave for Shimla Maan calls the police Maan in the hospital Gossip about Geet and Mann Geet returns in one piece Dadima Welcomes Maan’s Bride Geet is married to Dev Dev foes to Amritsar Geet Gets Angry at Maan Maan does fpisode recognize Geet Dev Reveals the Truth Geet is left behind Geet refuses to be fed by Dev Geet hides in Maan’s jeep Geet decides to tell the truth Geet told to confess her love Pammi confides in Geet Maan is going to Mumbai Geet cancels the test Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private.


Lucky and Preeto Unite Dev Wants to Surrender Geet comes back to office

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