Skills Builds Equipment Quests. Advanced Dragon Spark Passive After Evan uses an attack skill, Mir has a chance to deal an additional, enhanced magic attack. Views Read Edit View history. Use Mastery Book based on the skill you used most frequently See the 4th Job Skill Build Guide above as reference to discover which skills is sorted higher priority. Once, there was a normal boy that lived near the village of Henesys. Joined Mar 1, Messages 6 Likes 4. Skill damage increases from the Dragon Breath passive trump the damage increases for Dragon Dive. Kinesis, after informing Jay and Yuna of his safety, goes after and rescues 8 residents of Seoul in various places in Maple World, but there are still thousands of others missing.

The mercenary confronts the Mage, already being corrupted by the darkness, and speaks his final words as a normal human:. The 1 means adding 1 SP Skill Point into those skills to unlock them. Delivering the Lunch Box Talk to Anna again. Head down and talk to your mother Anna. Evan, the younger under-appreciated child of Gustav the pig-farmer, found the Onyx Dragon Egg and took care of it until it hatches and matures to an adult Onyx Dragon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I used this skill combined with Ice, why? Flame Wheel- Generates a wheel of flames that attacks up to 6 monsters at once.

Aria invited two commanders, Orchid and Lotus, to try and negotiate peace.

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In the beginning, all things were animate; the sstoryline, the trees, and the wind. Max Magic Amp first, for the huge boost of damage you get from it and pot burning.


Your email address will not be published. Thanks for pointing it out. Changed the behavior of the orbs from previous versions at certain distances. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I made it to level 40 now, and it seems that from lvl everything is maxed with 1 extra sp????

Hi darkmoon53, there are few ways to earn that sum of money. Hazard, who reveals himself to be second-in-command to the head branch of Shdow Dealers.


MapleStory Evan Skill Build Guide

Dark Fog Active A dark, cold fog descends, attacking multiple enemies at once. Eventually he concluded that if he could lock Freud in ice forever, this might break the Pact.

Head back to Utah to scare him and fetch some exp. Decreases damage from enemy attacks, and adds an additional Stance to Evan while Mir is attacking.

There seems to be discrepancies in the information of the 3rd growth skill build. I storjline Evan though for its uniqueness and I like its bossing skills. His greatest desire was to find a way for humans and dragons to live together in peace.

Onyx Will MAX After popping 3 times, you will not see those ads anymore. A stoyline later, things start happening; Aran is unfrozen in Rien, having lost her memories and powers.

A student from this Other World falls through the portal, and refuses to go home, as the fantasy-like Maple World is far more interesting than school. Illium is quickly surrounded by a group of thugs, but his magic overloads and eliminates them.


Hi Ayumilove, I just turned and I have 9 hyper stat point. Kinesis brings Yuna back to the hideout, where Jay and Grendel are waiting. But other than that, not much is known until rumors began circulating of a strange, wandering mage known as the White Mage.

Magic Flare- Creates a magical flare of light that surrounds and attacks monsters. Talking of range, the range is HUGE.

Thunder Dive advances alongside Dragon Dive. The explorer quickly dispatches this monster, causing rumors to circulate about the new student, and returns to Elwin.

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He then strikes off on his own to regain his powers and face down the Black Mage and take his vengeance. Cadena is still suspicious, however, and her boss Gen shares those suspicions. Max Level is 4. Nearby Ally Attack Speed: Saw a DPM chart with evan being highest but indicated with the combo earth dive. Lily leaves the explorer to say one final goodbye, but the explorer suddenly gets a call from an unknown source. Definitely helped me A LOT, been refering to maplesotry since level 1: This page has been accessed 33, times.

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