Ravan manipulates Sita into crossing the line made by Lakshman. Ravan has a nightmare in which he sees Kali killing him. Hanuman tells Angad about Bali’s death. Will Mandodari and Trijata help Sita escape from Lanka? The two decide that he will wed Uttara if Devyani successfully divorces him. Vibhishan advises Mandodari and Sulochana to send Sita back as early as possible. Kaikesi agrees to help Surpanakha.

Lakshman seeks Shabari’s help to find the way. Will Hanuman reach Lanka? Tony Singh Deeya Singh. Uttara is then forgiven for her mistakes by the whole family and for the first time she feels fully accepted. Hanuman provokes Bali to fight with Sugriva. Brahma had also molested a woman, Priya Pradhan Riddhi Dogra , which causes a major change in her personality.

Devyani finally experiences peace with Brahma dead. Sita is elated to learn that Ram has reached Kishkindha. Ravan kills the informer who tries to deliver Sita’s message and boasts about himself.

Priya Threatens Brahmanand

Lakshman fails to find the deer. Sugriva decides to find Sita and bring her back from Lanka. Ram and Lakshman search for Sita.

Lakshman asks Sugriva to wear a garland while fighting Bali so that Ram can differentiate between spisode twins.

Ram declares Sugriva to be the king of Kishkandha. Priya takes this as an opportunity for Aditya to learn of Brahma and Devyani goes along with the plan. Ravan decides to make a maze to stop Surpanakha.


He made her smile again, saved her life numerous times, and finally married her. Jatayu comes to rescue Sita but Ravan kills him. Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4.

Rishabh becomes bankrupt but is helped by a businessman who had an eye on Uttara, though she wasn’t aware of it.

Trijata tries to trick Sita into believing that Ravan has beheaded Ram. Sugriva’s episod leaves on a mission to find Sita. Mandodari blames Ravan for Akshay’s death.

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Later, Sita is surprised when Hunuman meets her at Episodw Vatika and gives her Ram’s ring to gain her confidence. The series is remembered as the first show on Indian television to have a gay storyline. The two decide that he will wed Uttara if Devyani successfully divorces him.

Ravan orders Meghnath to kill Hanuman. Can Akshay defeat Hanuman? Tara tries to make Bali realise his mistake. Meanwhile, Meghnath kills his soldiers when they try to attack Sita. Meghnath fails to bring Sita to epiisode mandap.

Sita tries to escape from 17. Brahma manages to convince her that nothing is going between him and Uttara and that he is just consoling her as she does not feel accepted into their family.


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She is happily married to Rishabh and has a teenage daughter, Tara Navika Kotiawith him. Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita. Meanwhile, Ravan is determined to marry Sita. Ravan captures Simhika when she tries to attack Sita.

Will he abe able to reach Lanka?

Priya Threatens Brahmanand

Uttara experiences peace and ends up giving birth to Brahma’s child, who is named Sharvan, who everyone ends up accepting. Sita is worried on hearing Ram’s cries.

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Sulochana assures Sita that she will help her in escaping Lanka and going back to Ram.

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