Iraj, Muskaan and Shaista are unhappy. She works at an office and does not care about her household responsibilities. Fala and Ayaan are living happily. She starts feeling insecure about her marriage to Wahaj and comes back to her Mother’s house. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. Whenever someone comes to see Dua for marriage, they like the young and chirpy Mehru instead.

She thinks that Nayyara is taking revenge on Shaista of yesteryear’s fight, which had happened between them during their young days over Nazir. Best Drama Serial Popular. The mother and the daughters hate their father’s brother Baseer and his family. But their mother Shaista is busy looking in things. Muskan and Iraj always quarrel with each other because they are rich brats who have no manners or no respect, but they love their mother, Shaista, and their mother loves them too. This drama television program—related article is a stub. Retrieved from ” https: Zeeshan always offers to drop her, but she rejects.

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Zeeshan asks for forgiveness and reacceptance, but Haya refuses. Muskaan’s mother-in-law comes to take her, but she insults her by saying that she’s doing a melodrama. Haya’s mother-in-law is not at all kind towards meherbxn.

The life is not as easy as it may seem for both girls in a relatively conservative household.

Fala and Ayaan are living happily. Retrieved 11 March They all are well-mannered but middle-class as compared to Shaista. Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari. Danish and his family visit Muskaan to decide the date of marriage. Zeeshan expresses his feelings for Haya towards Nazir. Later it is discovered by her and Nayyara and Shehryaar died while illegally entering other country.


He gives some money to her daughters out of love, and Iraj sees this. She is interrupted by Shaista, and she asks for a family photo. She does not listen to Danish and once when her meherbsn wants to go for a Get Together party, she makes her fun by saying that you are so old still you want to party.

Current broadcasts on Hum TV. Fala’s mother-in-law and husband Ayaan are kind towards her but had hidden from her that Ayaan has a son, Sulaiman.

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Shaista is in a complete shock. Because of Iraj’s voice, Muskaan cuts the phone, and then later Iraj climbs on Muskaan, and they start fighting. The next day, Naima goes to Nayyara’s house.

Ayaan dgama Fala are against it, but they have to accept it. She meherbqn a younger sister, Iraj Sanam Chaudhry. Seeing her vulnerable condition and her broken self-esteem her mother, Nayyara calls off the engagement. But Sulaiman’s mother and Ayaan’s ex-wife Mariya comes to meet Sulaiman.

Cqst is broken by this and she undergoes a very mental and health breakdown. She goes with him. She insults her mother-in-law.

Meanwhile Nayyra’s daughters Fala and Haya are simple, sweet in nature and give respect to everyone. Shaista always insults Nayyara and treats her daughters as servants.

Humayun Saeed Shehzad Naseeb. Muskan and Iraj always quarrel with each other because they are rich brats who have no manners or no respect, but they love their mother, Shaista, and their mother loves them too.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now Nayyara invites Muskaan and Shaista to come for Haya’s marriage. The show concluded its final, 28th episode on 17 November He gives her the divorce papers. The next day, Iraj is talking loudly on her phone in Dramma room. Views Read Edit View history.


Mere Meharban, new drama of HUM TV

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The family has a cloth-sewing business, while Haya goes to office. Iraj likes a bottle of perfume because of which Muskaan is jealous and they start fighting like cats resulting in breaking of perfume bottle. Shaista comes to Nayyara’s house and insults her by giving some cloth and tells her to sew and wear this during Muskan’s engagement. They have an elder brother Zeeshan Agha Alihe loves both his sisters but hates their attitude.

Shaista is very selfish and has spoiled her husband’s life. She hates Haya and says that she will never ever be her daughter-in-law. Shaista’s daughters Muskaan and Iraj are stylish, having a very rude and aggressive behavior with everyone, especially with their cousins.

Nazir goes to Nayyara’s house and it is later revealed that he used to love Nayyara in his younger days.

Fala is shocked, she feels her self-esteem broken down all of a sudden. Views Read Edit View history. But Shaista says that her mother has rejected Ayaan’s proposal.

Now Shaista’s and her children’s life has become a living hell. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Muskaan’s father Nazir comes from Dubai with lots of things for her daughters and wife, but Zeeshan is fine with it.

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