Video was deactivated by our moderator. So if you care, pls pick up that old jeans or trouser and get a couple of really sturdy carry bags made out of those. We were thrown back in our rooms with books taped to our faces but which tape has stopped the heart to wander. I want to do this light and sway thing too! It is this umang that personified the spirit of this festival. I love Delhi fog! I think all of us know paper comes from trees and trees need to be cut and cutting trees leads to deforestation and that leads to weather extremes, temperature excess on the planet, snow caps melting, global warming and so on.

What about people in non-metros like Mysore and Chandigarh, where people respect queues and what about those smaller cities where elevators are not present in every building? Dear Bhai, Wish you a very happy very belated birthday. Even if you are the best at something, she would still be better for him. My typical Holi went somewhat as below: Let me try something else. Even in a crowd of , it was easy to categorize people, you know, stereotype them.

I want to do this light and sway thing too! But I guess cycling does do that to people. Wish you a very happy very belated birthday. She is a constant benchmark you will be put against for all your life.

Bringing together reality and filmdom, their ambitions are a healthy mix of goals to be fulfilled by any regular lower middle class twenty episoode man — to get an established source of income and to have a steady love life. As dirty as these reality shows are.

But I look fat in that one. Pakistani Law Minister Rana Sanaullah:.

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She was the first woman you ever knew. OK relatively better looking. This was seriously offensive. In those conditions, heavenly food for bodies mlthaas from excitement apart from jumping around, stiffening from being cold and hours of scrubbing. Iris Goes out — gheecheeni 9: The author also feels obliged and ready to make her first dedication to the language and the region — her karmabhoomi — in more ways than one.

Is it just me or do I see our shopping satisfaction being totally directly proportional to the no of plastic bags we take home? Temperatures reaching almost zero, layers and layers of winter clothing but that cold wave so well trained it finds its way through every single strand of fabric AND the thick layer of muscle fat refer point no 1 and very effectively chill your bone. Army 1 — Stop Wastage of Paper I see so much ddrama paper wasted around me, every tear of sheet and every sound of unnecessary print makes me cringe.


The movie to be reviewed spisode is Nadodigal. She left a home and kids behind to come and make a difference to your life. The Day I always used to wake up with a smile on my face.

Since I cannot celebrate it, the least I can do is reminisce in the nostalgia that bathes me more than those buckets full of water we threw on each other.


So hope this makes the requisitioners happy and satisfied for having an entire post dedicated to one movie. I see so much of paper wasted around me, every tear of sheet and every sound of unnecessary print makes me cringe.

This was also Holi school day. You get the drift. And there also used to be this one uncle who when came, aunties stayed away.

Lazy to do that? Also, everything you do, needs to involve as minimalistic exercise as possible and everything HAS to be done by a Shaartkut. Not that dying together made more sense than fighting to live together but it takes a damn lot of reason and courage to kill oneself. A plate of dahi vada papdi chat and a glass of thandaialong with the taken for granted gunjia and namkeens. The lesser the weight, the better. I can see it.

In a famous marketplace in the city I live in, I see people hogging for plastic bags after buying expensive sarees, as if trying to make up for the expense through free plastic bags. But what I also love is the unity it brings to people. I was always fascinated by Geeks, since long.

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Sannu chaj naal puchaya vi ni! Do they have so much confidence in my laziness? As the 3 friends slowly come to terms with their losses and try to pick the pieces of their lives together and start afresh, they find solace in the fact that their loss was still worth all this as they could have the satisfaction of bringing love to 2 people and getting them a chance of a life together.

High on the sentiment of friendship and used to being protective of friends, he takes it upon himself to get the girl for him. Report Category Video contains prohibited content.


I am yet to see a weekend when I could book tickets without effort that could easily be measured in tons. Peeche wali dukaan and all the nearby shops have extended counters displaying transparent cellophane packets of colorful dust, called gulaalstacked by tons; equally colorful packets of deflated balloons in packs of 10, 50, and so on; water guns pichkaris in practically every shape imaginable; plastic moulds of semi circular, round and triangle shapes, used to make gunjiyasthe sweet identified with Holi, those too in different colors I wonder why though.

The author has managed to see at least a score of Tamil movies so far in her 4 yrs of association with the language, which is a very impressive number if you ask me. How can one ignore the dire consequences that come with using every single sheet of paper?

We were thrown back in our rooms with books taped to our faces but which tape has stopped the heart to wander. There was a stake in everything, when arguments ran from hours to days; when my fingers made impressions on your cheek and your fingers had my pulled out hair entangled in them; when we wanted to prove each other wrong even though we knew the other was right; when we made sure we gave mom reasons to punish the other; when both of us negotiated like warring nations on the bigger share of a plate of maggithe better of the T-shirts Dad bought us; when you had to watch a Kenya Zimbabwe test match even though there was a romantic movie playing on the other channel, when you always surfed the net first and exceeded your half hour, eating into my time from the total allotted one hour.

In Delhi, Subway has been busy closing its outlets ever since they started one and all the gyms are used only by the guys preparing to appear in the Mr. Let your guard down. As every year, for me, this day passed contemplating the spirit and concept of freedom. This does not include companies listed on local stock exchanges and BSE obviously ignoring overlaps.

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