He flung his scrolls off his arms in exasperation, and his eyes lit up with a stroke of inspiration. Minister Yoon did not flinch at all, and said that it’s the ministers’ job to monitor the King. So you weren’t really feeling bad that you not only killed Yeon-woo but also her father. In his heart, only Yeon Woo is his wife, so she has to get better soon and come back to his side. I’ve been gripping about this for 18 episodes but they really should’ve gone the brother-vs-brother route. H yells out and looks at the sky. As great as the adults were, I still think that I loved the kids more. NOW everything and everyone is revving up and with only two episodes left it’s a case of too little, too late.

Not through the king or my brother, but you yourself. She just saw him as a possession. Thank you for the recap! Y hugs them too. Yeon Woo took it, and he gave a tight pull, causing her to slide across the floor. As for YM going dark, I hope it doesn’t I have a feeling he is going die nobly Welcome Back Koala Unni, as for episode 5 I cried the sad moments and happy at the adult cast. Like Yang-myung, death was the only way to remove her as a threat to our characters, because even if she had been merely deposed, she would always be a threat who might garner support from more rebels.

Queen Yoon calls Hwon into her chambers and gives him the mighty guilty trip while pretending to be sympathetic to his feelings. Talk about having a heart. And to think I actually liked Min-hwa. Look, lady, sometimes the polite thing to do is just accept the damn gift, okay?


The Moon That Embraces the Sun » Dramabeans

MY just wanted to stop suffering, he was always selfish and even in his death he was selfish You both have the talent in presenting interesting and smart recap and comment. Thank you for the epizode

Hwon knew right then with a sinking feeling what Yang Myung was going to do. And yet, even after the KIng exposed her sins, she’s still cinging to her husband.

Nok Young is in the forest doing a ritual when suddenly the flames in her candles extinguish. Her “reasoning” or lack thereof is so twisted and pathetic.

YW hands Minhwa the spoon and she takes the spoon and starts eating. He didn’t need to drink the alcohol that he didn’t even like, and he would no longer be a threat to the king.

The Moon That Embraces the Sun: Episode 20 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Both gumihos die Tree With Deep Roots: I can hardly believe there are only 2!! If I see her cry again, I’ll probably tear at my computer screen trying to punch her. Yeon-woo sits with her brother, now wearing the robes of a government official.

Thoroughly busted, Yeon-woo levels him with a mock-reproving look, while he looks like an errant schoolboy with his hand in the cookie jar.

We return to Hwon and Yeon Woo, where Yeon Woo told Hwon that she couldn’t bring herself to reveal her existence, knowing how much chaos it would bring to the courts, and how she felt guilty for not being able to recognise Hwon.

Even when the episode is subbed I read your blogs because I find them so entertaining.

Bo Kyung’s court lady worriedly went into Bo Kyung’s chambers to tell her that there was a rebellion, but found the room empty Oh, like City Hunter! She died, yes, and I hate that and will hold it against this drama until I can forget about it.


I get that M knew what was going to happen and let it cuz he wanted to end all his misery, but still. M looks at H and smiles. LOL loved it that Hwon kept walking while she faints. When asked why Minhwa is at the Palace today, she shyly confesses that she came to consult the Royal Astrology Office for a list of the best dates to consummate her marriage to her husband.

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The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 5 and 6 Recap

He also calls for punishment on the Heo family for withholding the condition of her illness. As the court ladies wailed over her death, Hwon stood facing her. All the lives that was ruined because of this girl.

I cried so much during this episode.

The Moon That Embraces The Sun E20 recap

Somehow, what you did 8 years ago, I can still empathize with difficulty!!!! And they all sat and wondered: Hwon thinks to himself: Its because of JIW died. Princess Minhwa comes to visit with her sister-in-law so Bo Kyung is immediately smiling and cheerful again.

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