I rewatched it as soon as I finished it!!! Dont understand much when it is saguek, politic and other hard subjects. That was resolved quickly too. Riko, coming out of the house: Gyu-sun admits that her dancing is quite appalling, which makes So-rim pout at the boys. The team discuss how the agency will be back on its feet after the album sales and concerts are factored in. Shi Woo observes Se Na in the practice room.

He worked so hard for his comeback and just had a major hit, why risk it all right now? I love how all of us here came with an open mind and gave this drama a chance. I find it funny that Hyun Wook and Se Na getting back together went exactly how I thought it would, lol. Shi Woo meets Se Na and gives her flowers. So with that as the basis of the story, her innocence will make him happier and believe in the world and she will go from fairyland into reality. Han-gyul bursts their bubble by saying that unknown to So-rim, they did meet three times by coincidence.

I agree that the reconciliation with IW and HG just add truffles, it’ll all be okay! I am a sucker for animals.

Episode 15

I thought the show was going down that path. For a show that I’d originally dramadire would be a boring bit dramxfire fluff, it’s far outperformed in every episode. I dropped my comment first and then read other tirl realizing that other viewers also agree with me Dal Bong steals the show from his master. At a radio station, Shi Woo is interviewed and asked the qualities of his ideal woman. Se Na says she must write a song and she will have to do it in his house. Se Na observes them from down the hall.

Nothing much left to say about these puppies because the got their nice happy ending wrapped up in a bow, except that they’ve stayed true to themselves throughout this show and deserve a bundle of hugs. In-woo is still busking on streets to the admiration of passersby.


My Lovable Girl Episode 14 Recap | amusings

Click here to watch My Lovely Girl. She is still a little ray of sunshine, but part of me wished I felt her maturing as a character just a bit more. Shi Woo sasses back that he always does that when he sings.

Se Na takes off the doggie head and sits down next to Hyun Wook to wipe his tears away and tell jy to be happy from now on. You are commenting using your WordPress. So-rim thanks Yoo-na for speaking up for her. He recognizes Se Na as the dog sitter.

I just want to say that Han Gyul and So Rim are so cute! He is epjsode fooling me either. Cha Ye Ryun Main Cast. He confirms her sister suffered because of him.

My Lovely Girl (2014)

Healer is the most commented drama, and this drama comment section is a party. So it’s less about development, and more about discovery.

loevly So-rim speaks up then, saying that she wants to be in a band, effectively turning the woman down. Enjoying their happiness just being together.

People are being critical due to comparing the Jversion with this version. I also like that the show focused on loveky, not just HG and SR, though that might be why I didn’t feel extremely excited for their relationship I wonder if this is one of the reasons why the show got low ratings, because viewers definitely love to ship an OTP.

After a long pause, In-woo asks what she thinks is wrong with his life. And I know a lot of people might disagree with me on not feeling that for TLAHL, so I was hesitant to bring that up in case I sounded like a wet blanket on this party, but like Giradit felt predictable to me, in the sense that I expected there to be a nice resolution.

She approaches him and tells him she wants to hear his music to see the real him. Dara May 14, at Can you give me your autograph? Haha while waiting for the recap I thought well maybe festerfaster is also in denial too and thank you for giving us the recap anyway! The writing is incredible. But mostly, we are happy when we can be with them, which Han-gyul was allowed to be when his father stayed whether because of Yoo of not is a question mark.


I’m afraid I might ran out of thumbs up for this party.

My Lovely Girl EngSub () Korean Drama – ViewAsian

I’ll be right there lurking with the rest of you! I got an error message when I tried commenting.

Nisa kn May 13, at 8: Not only that, Se Na is such a talent that AnA has to sign her permanently. He declares they are ready to debut. Aw, this comment is adorable. Dal Bong surely makes it all worth it indeed. Then, both boys pass out to the amusement of the rest of the gang. It’s finally time for this magical experience to end.

I’m really sorry loveely not stopping by to comment anymore. I don’t follow a lot of popular recaps, so I wouldn’t know what it was like. Props to the Inho, Jinwoo and Chanyoung moment. That’s why I stopped commenting at some point and only came back after a thousand comments. I went to the Bogum fanmeet and I expected everyone to be young teenage fangirls but was pleasantly surprised to see people of all ages- from 6 to older than 60!

He looks sad but cute as he rocks the ivory turtleneck sweater. They wait together for the doctor.

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