What are you going to do with my sister?! Tough Crowd huh…Oh well! As for writing lloyd out of time…Thats false. I love making stop motion videos. I was looking at this TV guide thing and it said that he new episode of Ninjago wont be premiering next week! Anyway, you just reminded me of that.

Hey admin You know how you post the Ninjago episodes? Not everything can be around forever. Complete the course before I finish my tea. He would not have wanted Lloyd to die. I minifigures of those guys now! Contest 5 everyone should enter! Or are you talking about the otehr minifigure? Not if i can help it!!!

NINJAGO Episode 18 – Child’s Play

As i said before, i still am debating what to call the next one. Why did I do that?????!!!!

So, I have been thinking, Lego said they were Going to produce a Lego series better than Ninjago …what if these were Lego Universe sets? So I think the reason is something else.

If there is any trouble, it would be with Cn. She does not LOL, she likes clothes, shoes and makeup. I doubt the creators would do something that complex though. As noted before, Lloyd is to precious to be written out of time.


NINJAGO Episode 18 – Child’s Play

Episode 19 sounds totally epic! Can I post them too? Or are you talking about the otehr minifigure? The Ninja then go in search of Sensei Wu and the rest of the Ninja to explain what has happened.

She refuses to eat. Hey admin You know how you post the Ninjago episodes? I was so hurt by someone snakebbite loves ninjago too its sad but I had to be mad for her using my page so I just thought if anyone would be understanding its you guys. I love making stop motion videos.

I want the pretzel guy!!!!!! Anyway my point is that without kai, things could either go good or bad for garmadon. Not everything can be around forever. I forgot to introduce myself.

He didnt neccasarily right him out of time. Yeah, I like ninjabo too!

S1E5. Can of Worms

Enter your email address: I just assume its blacksmith. Hm… I have been having that feeling too! And the second, extended trailer with epispde here: Orriginally I shared an account with my brother, so we singed up as a boy.


What did you call me?! Well then, to Ninjago City it is!

There is some discussion about what Chima could be standing for; if it is another Asian theme, or perhaps referring to Native Americans. Yeah, that was mentioned previously. Ok…So I thought out the entire scenario and, like Zane, analisized the situation.

However there is a rumor of a theme called Legend of Chima, which may be the one replacing Ninjago. Plus i temporarily have the computer in my room! Patrick, if Ninjago is ending — as it has been talked about — your strategy is indeed a smart one.

It is a legend, so it should be quite developed as a theme — like Ninjago.

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